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Quote1.png He doesn't run from his demons. He stands his ground, takes whatever comes to him. Quote2.png
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Tarant of Vroxtak was a Darkstar.

Unable to live with the guilt over collateral damage after hunting down smugglers, he was forced to resign. He moved to the desolate planet VII Yullqa, and started hunting down the smuggling pirates one by one. Takion, who had inhabited Tarant's body when he killed innocents, sought him out in order to help him. He did so by taking him straight to Kwhrr, the leader of the pirates. In a bloody battle, Tarant managed to defeat his opponent and his inner demons.

After Takion left, Stayne visited Tarant and inquired about Takion.


  • Darkstar Exo-Mantle: Tarant wore an early model Exo-Mantle. By the time he exiled himself, it was non-functional and in tatters.



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