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Quote1 You are the echo of a whisper of my weakest moment. I would never fall to you. Quote2
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Tartarus was a supervillain from Earth 8.

Years ago Tartarus made a deal with an incarnation of Darkseid in which the Lord of Apokolips agreed to leave Earth 8 alone for Tartarus to conquer. He correctly assumed that Darkseid would eventually betray him and made plans for their future battle.

When the crack in the Multiverse came to his universe, Tartarus attacked Angor, hoping to claim the power beyond the crack and begin his "Eternity Conquest". He easily destroyed the Retaliators but a group of heroes from other worlds in the Multiverse came to Earth 8 seeking the crack, as did Darkseid, who had now fused with all his various incarnations. Tartarus suggested to Darkseid they work together to share the power of the crack, but Darkseid had no interest and attacked him. He and Darkseid furiously fought for control of the crack, but Darkseid eventually overpowered and killed him by snapping his neck.[1]