Taryia was the lieutenant and lover of Karras. She and Karras were to wed until a civil war engulfed the planet of Tamaran, causing King Myand'r and Tharras to come to an agreement where their children would marry to reunite the planet and thus end the war.

Taryia was heart broken about the marriage, but accepted it for the sake of her people, just as her beloved Karras and Princess Koriand'r had done.

Later when Karras's marriage to Koriand'r was strained, Taryia and Karras once again became lovers and he fathered a child with her, but Karras died before he could see the birth of that child.


  • Tamaranean Physiology
    • Energy Absorption: Like all members of the Tamaranean race, Taryia can harness and channel ultraviolet radiation. The power of the sun is what gives a Tamaranean their strength and vitality, as well as other unique gifts.
    • Flight: By processing solar radiation from the star Vega, she can channel this energy to enable herself to fly.



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