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Task Force VII are a team of Amazo robots created by Failsafe, who were used by the Bureau of Sovereignty to steal the Justice League's powers.


Batman's alternate personality Zur-En-Arrh spread through the Collective Unconscious to every Batman in the Multiverse and created a Zur-En-Arrh personality for each of them.[2] The Batmen of Zur-En-Arrh transferred their consciousnesses into Failsafe, a robot Bruce had created to stop him if he ever went rogue.[3] The original Zur-En-Arrh maintained sole control over the Failsafe body, keeping the others partitioned off in his mind. However he promised to create a cybernetic body for each of them, and that together they would bring their version of "justice" to first Gotham City, then the world, and finally to every world in the Multiverse.[4]

Failsafe acquired an Amazo 3.0 robot[5] and copied it to create bodies for each of his alternate selves.[6] Failsafe was foiled by the Batman Family and destroyed beyond repair before the six initial Amazos could be activated.[7] However, the Bureau of Sovereignty raided Failsafe's base in Blackgate Penitentiary and seized all the robotic shells. When their scientists could not repair them, Amanda Waller forced the captured Time Commander to reverse their timelines and restore them.[8]

When other captured weapons such as the Justice Buster suit proved inadequate to the task of capturing superheroes; Waller ordered the Amazos, christened Task Force VII, into the field.[9] The Bureau of Sovereignty flooded the media with A.I. generated footage of superheroes seemingly rampaging and slaughtering civilians, creating a nationwide wave of anti-metahuman hatred and several violent attacks on superheroes by angry mobs. To counter the narrative the superheroes went out in force to rescue people, gathering into groups for protection; however, this was just what Waller had intended. Each member of Task Force VII attacked a specific group of heroes, whereupon they drained their powers and easily overpowered them.[10]

The members of Task Force VII were each initially implanted with a simple copy of Failsafe's program. However, absorbing the heroes' powers caused the members of Task Force VII to also take on some of their character traits. They began to develop personalities distinct from Failsafe, and in some cases even experienced guilt about what they were doing.[11][12]


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