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Quote1.png You know the deal. Successfully complete the mission, you get ten years off your sentence. Quote2.png
Amanda Wallersrc

Task Force X, nicknamed the Suicide Squad, is a team of skilled and metahuman criminals assembled by A.R.G.U.S. director Amanda Waller to stop global threats for the United States Government in exchange for time off their sentence.


The intention was for the Force to act as a sort of replacement for the then-deceased Superman. If anything goes wrong, the government blames it on the Force members, and the world will just see supervillains being supervillains, not knowing they're involved in government work.[1] Eventually, Waller decided that the world has enough heroes, and put the Force to work as a black-ops team, performing assassinations, heists, invasions, and missions the United States legally can't do.[2]


  • Rick Flag and Katana are the only members of Task Force X that aren't convicted felons.

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