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Quote1.png You know the deal. Successfully complete the mission, you get ten years off your sentence. You fail to follow my orders in any way, and I detonate the explosive device in the base of your skull. We are a black-ops unit, meaning nothing you see here ever happened. Quote2.png
Amanda Wallersrc

Task Force X, nicknamed the Suicide Squad, was a team of skilled metahuman criminals assembled by A.R.G.U.S. director Amanda Waller to stop global threats, later doing black-ops jobs, for the U.S. government in exchange for time off their sentences.


Task Force X was founded by Amanda Waller in 2016. Particularly dangerous inmates of Belle Reve were drafted as its members. Initially, the intention was for the Force to act as a sort of replacement for the then-deceased Superman. If anything went wrong, the government could blame it it on the Force members, and the world would just see supervillains being supervillains, not knowing they're involved in government work. The original incarnation of the team succeeded in at least one world-saving mission by destroying the godlike Enchantress and Incubus in Midway City.[1]

Eventually, Waller decided that the world has enough heroes, and put the Force to work as a black-ops team, performing assassinations, heists, invasions, and missions the United States legally can't do, such as the invasion of Corto Maltese with the intent of destroying the dangerous Project Starfish which the U.S. secretly funded, as well as all evidence of said funding. By the time of the Corto Maltese mission, the team's nickname, the "Suicide Squad", had caught on among the inmates of Belle Reve. Initially coined by Deadshot, the name stuck due to the team's perilous missions and high mortality rate.

The Maltese mission was partially a success, with Project Starfish, along with Jotunheim, the laboratory that housed it, being destroyed. However, with the help of her own aides, Waller was blackmailed by team leader Bloodsport into letting him and his surviving teammates go free, or else he would leak the evidence of the States' part in the project to the press. The mission also left the only surviving member of the team still loyal to Waller, Peacemaker, in a coma, but still prepared to be sent on his next mission. With the rest of the Squad dead or deserted, however, Waller assigned Peacemaker to a new black-ops team known as Project Butterfly, effectively disbanding the Squad, at least for the time being.[2][3]




  • Rick Flag and Katana were the only known members of Task Force X not to be convicted felons.
  • Along with Flag, Ratcatcher II was the only known member of the Force not to be a convicted murderer before joining the team.

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