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Task Force X was an American paramilitary organization created by President Ike Eisenhower to deal with and combat incredible phenomena most often associated with superheroes and mystery-men in the wake of the disbandment of the Justice Society of America.


The organization is a revamped version of the Suicide Squad that was active in World War II, and was lead by former leader of the Suicide Squad and Air Force Colonel Rick Flagg.

Task Force X and its domestic branch Argent commanded by King Faraday planned a space mission to Mars after discovering a Martian was present on Earth. The mission was carried in secret and the space vessel, Flying Cloud, was loaded with weapons of mass destruction should the Martians pose a threat to Earth. Task Force X were the astronauts of Flying Cloud and did not made through the mission when their member, Jess Bright, suffered a severe panic attack and sabotaged the vessel. Rick and Karin Grace chose to sacrifice their lives to destroy Flying Cloud from unleashing its deadly payload on Earth.

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