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Task Force Y was formed by Amanda Waller with criminals uncapable of the restraint needed to perform the covert operations of the main Task Force X, it's objective was scorched earth missions.


Waller initially intended for El Diablo to lead the team but when he refused Waller tried to have him killed in his cell by Behemoth and Leviathan but was rescued by Uncle Sam.[1]

The team reappared when Waller sent them after the Mexican "god" Xolotl, now led by Bloodletter.[2]

They immediately attacked Diablo, Azucar and Xolotl but when the latter turned invisible he quickly took out Behemoth and Zoomax while El Diablo attacked Zizz and Azucar took down Leviathan, still the tide of the battle took a quick turn when Zizz managed to attack Xolotl and Azucar was overpowered by Bloodletter while El Diablo was kept busy by his ex-teammate Zoomax.

El Diablo was forced to kill Zoomax by incinerating his head and Azucar was rescued by Iman as Justicia had arrived to take Xolotl in custody.

The battle then turned in a big brawl but was interrupted as a dying Xolotl warned them against Jake Dalesko who wanted his alien powers.

Iman removed the bomb from their necks and El Dorado offered them freedom in exchange from help, all accepted except for El Diablo, who wanter to take Dalesko to court and left.[3]

Azucar, Justicia and Task Force Y launched a combined assault on Delesko who now had the powers of a White Martian but were quickly defeated but before Delesko had a chance to kill Azucar he was interrupted by El Diablo who unleashed the fallen angel Chutriel on him and killed him.[4]

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