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Quote1 The Desert Rose was not meant for Gotham, and now your little stunt with that miracle cure has drawn Safiyah's wrath. Stupid girl. Safiyah will see you die for this. Quote2
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Tatiana, also known as the Whisper,[1] was the henchwoman of Safiyah Sohail and a member of the Many Arms of Death in Coryana, until she was killed by her rival Alice in Gotham.



  • Swords

  • Tatiana was portrayed by Leah Gibson.
  • The cast calling name for Tatiana was The Whisper.[1] In the comics, Batwoman has also an enemy called "Whisper A'Daire".
  • Tatiana is similar to Tahani, an assassin employed by the Many Arms of Death and the former lover of Safiyah Sohail in the comics.
  • Tatiana was in love with her queen Safiyah Sohail.



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