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Quote1 I've come for the Lotus. It is my responsibility to keep it safe. Quote2
Tatsu Yamashiro src

Katana[1] (real name Tatsu Yamashiro) is a member of the Cresent Order and a vigilante from Hong Kong. She is also an ally of Team Arrow, the ex-wife of the late Maseo Yamashiro, and the mother of the late Akio Yamashiro. As a member of the Crescent Order, she became the guardian of the Lotus, an elixir created by the enemies of the League of Assassins capable of permanently removing the side-effects from those who bathed in the Lazarus Pit.


  • Martial Arts: Tatsu is a master martial artist, being able to combat multiple enemies in mere seconds.
  • Swordsmanship: Tatsu was trained in the use of swords, being able to use her katanas with expert proficiency.
  • Multilingualism: Tatsu is fluent in her native language Japanese as well as English.


  • Protective suit: Tatsu uses a protective suit as her alter-ego; Katana. Somehow, Tatsu's mask was acquired by the Legends, appearing on Waverider's bridge.[2][3][4]


  • Katanas: Tatsu uses a Katana sword in battle. It was created by Maseo's ancestor Ichiro Yamashiro during mid-17th Century on Japan. After becoming a vigilante in Hong Kong, Tatsu started using a second katana along with the first.[5][6]

  • Tatsu is only referred to as "Katana" in concept art and merchandise, never on-screen.[1]
  • Tatsu was originally supposed to be portrayed by Devon Aoki, but due to other commitments, Rila Fukushima was cast for the role.[7]