Katana teamed-up with Robin to retake the Jade Sword from the Kobra Cult, but were captured. Luckily, they were rescued by Alfred Pennyworth and Ra's al Ghul.[1] The two would work together again to interrogate Penguin about a recent string of robberies. She accompanied Batman when he confronted the true culprit, Riddler.[2] On Cinco de Mayo, Damian, Tim Drake, and she watched Colin Wilkes wrestling match with Bane. Bored, she started a fight with the rest of the audience and accidentally uncovered Bane's illegal smuggling operations.[3] Katana was among the heroes assembled by Robin to apprehend a group of villains gathered by Penguin in his Iceberg Lounge.[4] During Christmas Season, Damian, Tim, and Tatsu were tricked into decorating Wayne Manor by being mislead into believing Alfred was a supervillian.[5]




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