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Tawky Tawny was originally just a stuffed tiger doll, until it was animated by Lord Satanus to help the Marvel Family against his sister Blaze.

Describing himself as a "pooka", he was only visible as a living person to Billy, Mary & Dudley. However, he was later made fully real through the magic of Ibis the Invincible. He has been helping the Marvel Family ever since.

During Freddy Freeman's trials to secure the power of Shazam, Tawky Tawny had information on the location of Mercury. Sabina, Freddy's rival and candidate of the Council of Merlin, found Tawky first, but he refused to give the information to anyone but Freddy. When she threatened to take it by force, Tawky Tawny transformed into a saber tooth tiger and attacked her. However, Sabina was about to kill Tawky when Mercury revealed himself and lead her away. Freddy soon arrived on the scene, and Tawky urged him to go after Sabina.

Final Crisis

Tawny defeats Kalibak

During the Final Crisis, he was discussing the situation of the Marvel Family with Freddy Freeman before the Anti-Life Equation was released. One month later, Tawky was present when Frankenstein led a posse of heroes (including Freddy) into Blüdhaven, but was knocked unconscious by Kalibak, who had been reborn in the body of a tiger-man. Tawny regained consciousness and defeated Kalibak in combat, eviscerating him and gaining the admiration and loyalty of Kalibak's tiger-soldiers.[1]


  • Tawky Tawny is also known as Talky Tawny and Mr. Tawny Tawny.
  • Tawky Tawny is a vegetarian.[2]
  • Tawny has snacks named after him called Tawny Cakes, they are similar to sponge cakes.[3]



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