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Tawny is the talent scout for the wizard known as Shazam.

It is his job to search towns, cities, countries and continents for the heir to the Power of Shazam. 5,000 years ago Tawny chose Teth-Adam to receive the power and when granted Teth became Black Adam.

When Black Adam proved himself a poor sponsor for the power, Tawny and Shazam decided to banish him to the far reaches of space, he would spend the rest of his eternal life on deserted planet.

5,000 years later in Fawcett City, Tawny was searching for the next heir when in his human guise he was attacked by three foolish miscreants. Just when they were about to attack him they were interrupted by Billy Batson. Billy stepped in to save Tawny but ended up getting his "ass kicked" as Tawny put it. Tawny asked for some change and in return he would give Billy some change when he could. Billy gave him a subway token, the same one that Tawny later returned when Black Adam came back from space.

After an immense battle between Black Adam, Captain Marvel and Superman in which Black Adam had finally been defeated, Tawny shows up to once again send Teth through space in which it would take 10,000 years to get back. Black Adam refused to suffer the depths of space again and spoke the magic word that would return him to his mortal form to which, as Tawny explains, "ages him 5,000 years in a single moment".

Tawny comments on it being a harsh way to go before running off into the city in his original tiger form. Superman notes that Billy indeed has strange friends.


  • Transformation: Tawky Tawny can transform from his original tiger form to the form of a human in order to search for the next heir to the power of Shazam on a more personal level. In this form he appears to be a homeless African man.
  • Immortality: Tawky Tawny has been in the service of Shazam for over 5,000 years and is looking to continue for even longer. It is unknown how long prior to Ancient Egypt Tawny has been alive for.


  • Disguise: While in his human form Tawny acts as any down-trodden homeless man would in a good mood. Considering that Tawny has been alive to see civilization form and crumble for centuries it is a wonder he is able to maintain a modern personality in his human form.


  • Subway Token



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