The Spectre was a member of the Secret Six.

Taylor Pike was a teenage genius, with a incredible knack for science. Most or all of his work was carried out in his "Basement Lab", where he carried on experimentation that reached farther than what was standard. Commonly pushing the boundaries on physics that were nothing more then theories. Taylor was relatively unremarkable beyond his intellect, until a supposed accident took place which bombarded his body with neutrinos. In turn giving him the ability to become insubstantial by force of will. He naturally took to his powers and went into a profession that suited them best, he become a high profile thief. He did the majority of his work in industrial espionage. Fate would then have it that he had a run in with the Secret Six. After joining the rogue group he used his abilities to became the stealth mission specialist.[1] That was until the emergence of Superman and the breaking of the Secret Six.

With Superman making superheroes illegal, what was left of the Six went underground. When Green Lantern lost her powers, he and Manhunter staged a raid to free the Atom. They were almost captured, and only escaped thanks to the intervention of their former team-mates Lia Nelson and Mary Marvel, along with the New Earth heroes Flash and Green Lantern John Stewart.

When the group was joined by more members of New Earth's Justice League of America, they were ambushed by Powergirl. Green Lantern was able to delay her long enough for several heroes to get away. Falling back to one of the Spectre's safehouses, they met up with Sir William and Hex, forming an impromptu group called the Outsiders. With them, Spectre raided the Superman's fortress in Switzerland, rescuing almost a dozen heroes. However, by this time the Superman had discovered a way to travel between worlds. Spectre and the other Outsiders traveled to New Earth and finally defeated Superman with the help of the New Earth heroes.


  • Intangibility: Spectre has the ability to fine-tune the resonance of his molecules allowing him to become intangible. His intangibility also allows him to injure living beings by reaching into their bodies. Whether he solidifies himself to do so or disrupts their cells is unknown.
  • Invisibility: Spectre has the ability to fine-tune the resonance of his molecules allowing him to become invisible.


  • Master Thief: Taylor has become increasingly proficient in the art of thieving due to his abilities.
  • Stealth Specialist: Taylor has become a expert in stealth over the years after the discovery and mastery of his powers. Due to his abilities he doesn't need to have a average concept of how to infiltrate but possesses the knowledge due to countless excursions into secure and forbidden areas.



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