Since Oliver Queen's resurrection and his resumption of the mantle of Green Arrow, a "family" has managed to grow around him, with elements from both his past and his present.

He met and reconciled with his son, Connor Hawke, with whom he began to work; he adopted the former prostitute Mia Dearden, who became the new Speedy; he watched his former ward Roy Harper become "Red Arrow" and join the JLA; he finally proposed to and married Black Canary (Dinah Lance).


Equipment: A seemingly unlimited supply of bows, trick and normal arrows.
Transportation: None known.
Weapons: Mostly bows and arrows. Trick Arrows are used by the archers in many cases. Black Canary prefers to use her martial arts and "canary cry".


  • In the New Earth continuity, Black Canary is the chairperson of, and Red Arrow is a member of, the JLA, and therefore both of them do not accompany "Team Arrow" on all their missions (although if it is of utmost importance, they will). Oliver Queen is a member of Batman's Outsiders, and the same applies to him. Dodger has accompanied Team Arrow on their most recent mission. It is uncertain if he will remain part of the team.


  • During Oliver Queen's stint as Mayor of Star City, he got to know the ins and outs of the city's layout and buildings.

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