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Quote1 He can't kill me... without killing us. Because Green Arrow isn't one man. We're a family. We're a forest. We're a quiver. And together, we make our own light. Quote2
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Team Arrow is an informal group of associates of the hero Green Arrow.


Throughout Oliver Queen's tenure as Green Arrow, a "family" has grown around him, with elements from both his past and his present.

New Earth

His first sidekick, and adopted son, was Roy Harper, who originally went by the name "Speedy". The two worked together for years before Roy left his mentor's side to join the Teen Titans. He later adopted the mantle "Arsenal", before eventually becoming "Red Arrow" when he joined the JLA. Despite going through tumultuous times, Roy and Oliver remained close, with Roy's daughter, Lian, considering Ollie her grandpa.

While a part of The Justice League of America, Oliver met Black Canary, with whom he started a whirlwind romance. The two became partners both on and off the field, effortlessly working together. The two have remained in an on-again-off-again relationship ever since, and whether they're together romantically or not, one will always come to the aid of the other at the drop of a hat. The pair once moved to Seattle together, running a flower shop beneath their apartment. After much turmoil, they would get married, divorcing a short time later.

Ollie met and reconciled with his eldest biological son, Connor Hawke while at a Buddhist Monastery. Though he had been there for Connor's birth, Oliver had not seen him for 18 years. After Oliver's death, Connor took on his mantle, becoming the second Green Arrow. Despite a brief stint with the JLA, Connor was devoted to living up to the more street-level legacy he had been given. When his father returned to life, Connor moved in with him in Star City, where the two would share the Green Arrow name, and fight side by side.

After returning to life, Oliver took in runaway Mia Dearden, who would eventually become the new Speedy. While against the idea at first, Ollie soon accepted her as his new sidekick after Mia was diagnosed with H.I.V, wanting to give her stability within the uncertain future ahead of her. Mia would briefly join the Teen Titans, though not for long, as she was more focused on helping those in Star.

New 52

Roy Harper Cry for Justice
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