Quote1 Hmm. A team of Gotham's greatest villains to do the job we haven't been able to do alone: clip the the bat jerk's wings permanently. Quote2
The Penguinsrc

Team Penguin was a team formed by Penguin, hoping that working together would be more effective against Batman.


When watching a movie one day, Oswald Cobblepot came up with the idea to start a supervillain team. He recruited Killer Croc, Rag Doll, and Firefly. They sought for a fifth member, and the new villain Killer Moth volunteered. The team did not take Moth seriously and used him as the getaway car driver.

Beginning their crime spree, the team went surprisingly got along well. But, when the other team members realised they were trying to steal penguin related treasure, they lost hope in their leader. However, they were forced to remain in the team or else they would be killed by the newly transformed Killer Moth.

Soon, Batman, Batgirl, and Robin arrived to stop the team. Penguin and Killer Moth ran inside the building they planned to steal from and went for the treasure. Killer Croc, Rag Doll, and Firefly were left to fight the heroes.

Of course, the villains are defeated by the heroes, and Penguin is stopped by the Batman. Due to the team member's differences, the team broke up and have never been together since.



  • Ice Cream Truck: As their getaway car, Team Penguin uses a worn down icecream truck. Killer Moth is the driver.


  • Joker and Mr. Freeze were asked to join the team but they both declined.
  • Bane was also invited to join but was defeated by the Batman as soon as he got the invitation.

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