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The Team Titans hail from a near-distant alternate future where they function as an analog to the modern day Teen Titans.


When a villain known as Lord Chaos became the supreme monarch of the future, the Titans discovered that the only way to stop him was to travel backwards in time and prevent the circumstances which led to his birth. They discovered that Lord Chaos was the son of Donna Troy and her husband Terry Long. Donna Troy, naturally refusing to take any course of action that would lead to her child's death, elected instead to excise her own powers, so that the child would not inherit any superhuman abilities of his own.

The possible future of the Team Titans was destroyed in the events of Zero Hour.[1]


Equipment: Each of the Teamers was equipped with a special wrist-band communicator which allowed them to maintain constant contact with the digitized Prestor Jon.


  • The future timeline of the Team Titans is not congruent to any other alternate future presented in DC Comics canon.
  • Although the Team Titans primarily consisted of a core unit, it was understood that any metahuman from this timeline who fought against Lord Chaos was considered a Teamer.[2]


  • Initially, the team would be regularly referred to as the Teen Titans.[3]

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