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"Terra": Christmas Eve, 2000

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Team Titans #1: Terra is an issue of the series Team Titans (Volume 1) with a cover date of September, 1992.

Synopsis for "Terra"

Christmas Eve, 2000
The Team Titans discover a young Metahuman fighting a cadre of Force Elite members outside of a dam. This is Terra, a young woman who bears the same name and abilities as another such person who died fighting the Teen Titans many years ago. The Team Titans assist her in fighting the armored soldiers and invite her back to their headquarters. They soon discover that this is not the same woman they've read about in the past. Terra explains that she is the daughter of the original Terra's brother, Brion Markov. They invite to become a team member, but are unaware that Terra is actually a spy for their sword enemy Lord Chaos.

The Team Titans' leader distrusts Terra's story and has Prestor Jon investigate the youth in secret. They discover that Terra was actually a woman infused with the DNA of the original Terra, transforming her into a virtual clone. They also learn of Terra's deal with Lord Chaos. The Team Titans confront her about her past, and convince her to betray Lord Chaos.

Chaos meanwhile, prepares to usher in the new century at a special coronation at Times Square (now known as Chaos Square). The Team Titans, along with Terra, arrive and attack him. They are not strong enough to defeat Lord Chaos one on one, but they do succeed in spoiling his coronation and forcing him to retreat. Terra proves herself in battle, and the others are happy to welcome her to the team.

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Synopsis for "Total Chaos, Part Three: Childhood's End"

This story is reprinted from Team Titans #1: Killowat.

Lord Chaos appears at S.T.A.R. Labs and abducts the pregnant Donna Troy. Both the New Titans and the Team Titans are present and are taken completely by surprise by Chaos' actions. Although the teams had been fighting one another, they both try to stop Lord Chaos. The villain evades their attacks however and escapes with Donna. In their frustration, the teams resume their attacks against each other. Mirage takes Nightwing aside and tries to explain to him why they were trying to kill Donna Troy. She knows that her child is destined to inherit the powers of the gods and age himself to adulthood whereupon he will become a conqueror and subjugate the entire world in the near future. Nightwing chooses to give Mirage the benefit of the doubt and he convinces the Titans and the Teamers to cease fighting.

As cooler heads prevail, the teams relocate to one of Steve Dayton's numerous Manhattan penthouses. Mirage tells the others what she already told Nightwing. She explains how Lord Chaos will subjugate humanity through an artificial drug called Numb-Dust. However, the Numb-Dust had unexpected side effects, giving rise to a new generation of Metahumans. As more and more people began to develop superhuman abilities, they came to realize that they now had enough power to fight against Chaos's armies. One soldier in particular, inspired many others and led a ragtag resistance against Lord Chaos' regime.

Elsewhere, Lord Chaos brings Donna Troy to a realm outside of time and space. He watches as Donna gives birth to her child. Chaos takes his own infant self into his arms and decides that he no longer needs Donna Troy alive.

Appearing in "Total Chaos, Part Three: Childhood's End"

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  • There are five alternate editions of Team Titans #1, each issue includes one common story, and one unique story spotlighting a specific team member.
  • First canonical appearance of Robert Long, the future Lord Chaos, in this era.


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