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Team Zero was an American covert task force active during World War II. It was the predecessor of several other teams, such as Team One, Team Seven and Team Eight, ran by International Operations.


During the closing end of World War Two, the United States government was very concerned of the Soviet Union in regarding to their apprehension of German scientists and technological secrets felling into their hands during their encroachment towards Germany. In response, the black ops group Team Zero was formed to infiltrate and apprehending German rocket scientists and obtaining their plans on rocketry in Peenemünde, Germany before the advancing Soviet army.

The team was led by a special elite operative known as Colin under the codename Deathblow, and consisted of Cowboy (SSG. Austen Blanchard), Grifter (Cpl. Willis "Billy" Miller), Bullet (Sgt. Andrzej Taszycki), Claymore (Lt. Chester Brophy), Backlash (Marc Slayton, the future member of Team-7), and Deadeye (Sgt. Samuel Saito). In their mission, Team Zero was to infiltrate and neutralize Peenemünde's defenses and secure all documents and personnel before loading them and escaping on a glider. However, the plan was dash due to a sudden snow squall, leaving their transport damaged and confronted by the arriving Russian army heading for Peenemünde.[1] Team Zero managed to shepherded the scientists and the documents onto a truck driven by Grifter and leaving the team itself and some sequestered German soldiers, both young and old, in violently delaying the Russians.[2] Nearly all the members of Team Zero were killed and leaving Backlash and Grifter the only survivors.


Weapons: Thompson Sub-machine guns, M1911 pistols, assorted grenades, Panzerfausts

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