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"Team Zero, Part Two": Deathblow chooses the members for his team for the operation in Peenemünde:

Team Zero #2 is an issue of the series Team Zero (Volume 1) with a cover date of March, 2006. It was published on January 4, 2006.

Synopsis for "Team Zero, Part Two"

Deathblow chooses the members for his team for the operation in Peenemünde:

Staff Sergeant Austen T. Blanchard, codename: Cowboy, special in advanced weaponry and coming from the 5th Ranger Battalion. Shown to single-handedly destroying a German tank.

Corporal Willis "Billy" S. Miller, codename: Grifter, special in requisitions and coming from the 5307th Composite Unit in the South-East Asian Theater. And also an expert in card playing.

Sergeant Andrzej "Andy" Taszycki, codename: Bullet, special in close quarter combat and from the US Army. Is notorious for his psychotic behavior in cruelly killing prisoners and potential in even killing his fellow soldiers.

1st Lieutenant Chester R. Brophy, codename: Claymore, special in demolitions and coming from the United States Marines. Serves in the Pacific Campaign.

The enigma Marc Slayton, codename: Backlash, special in intelligence. And finally Japanese-American Sergeant Samuel (Saito) Nakadai, codename: Deadeye, a expert sniper and of the 442nd Regimental Combat Team.

Deathblow lectures the team on their classified assignment. After the briefing, Bullet shows his callous concern over Deadeye's background, which Deadeye in turn easily fights him before Claymore subdues an agitated Bullet. Telling him that even though he fought the Japanese, he respects Deadeye for being an American and fighting for his country. Deathblow's superiors observes this, which one of them concerns that their violent reputation would jeopardize the entire operation. But the other is assured of the team Deathblow picked out.

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