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Ted Carson is Firefly, a Gotham City criminal who uses a robotic flying suit to accompany his pyromania, making him an enemy of Batman and Nightwing.

Ted Carson would fake his death, insinuating that Garfield Lynns had returned as Firefly, in order to run away with his former girlfriend Cindy Cooke. However, Carson's plan was discovered by Nightwing and Batgirl, who took him down and returned him to Arkham.[1]

Firefly didn't stay in captivity long though because, after the apparent destruction of the Justice League by the Crime Syndicate, Gotham City was turned into a war zone between the escaped criminals of Arkham Asylum and Blackgate Penitentiary. Carson, siding with Arkham, lead a battle between the two sides [2] until Arkham was eventually defeated by Bane's superior determination.[3]

Even later, after the appearance of Challengers Mountain and a dangerous, cross dimensional group of Dark Knights, one of the fiends - the Batman Who Laughs - released several inmates from Arkham and gave them metal Joker cards that granted them powers under the condition that they would protect the mountain in Gotham. Carson received one of these cards and used his opportunity to become a Man-Bat and burn down his designated section of the city.[4]

He and his new protégé Lady Firefly were hired by Two-Face to burn down an apartment building with evidence about Frank's murder.[5]




  • Pyromania: Firefly suffers from Pyromania, an impulse control disorder in which he deliberately starts fires in order to relieve tension or for gratification.




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