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Ted "Wildcat" Grant is a well-known boxer in Starling City. He is a former vigilante known as Wildcat and a former mentor of Isaac Stanzler. He mentored Laurel Lance as a boxer to help her cope with her sister's death.

Laurel Lance visits his gym to question Grant about one of his students, who was suspected of breaking and entering a store. Grant defends his student, falsely claiming that the boy had been training with him all night. Grant says he has no problem lying to Laurel, the assistant district attorney, because his student is going through a rough patch at the moment and needs a little bit of help. Despite their poor conversation, Grant offers Laurel a brochure for his gym, noticing that she's holding in a lot of stress. Laurel at first dismisses the invite but, after trying her hand as an amateur vigilante, later returns to the gym, asking Grant to train her.


  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): Ted is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant, due to his profession in boxing, although he has also shown skill in other fighting styles.[1]
    • Boxing: Ted Grant is a professional level boxer.
  • Leadership: Aside from participating in fights himself, Grant also teaches a boxing class at the Wildcat Gym.
  • Weaponry: Ted possesses a variety of weapons, including brass knuckles, nunchaku, knives, and other edged weapons.[1]

  • Ted Grant was portrayed by J.R. Ramirez.
  • Ted Grant is left handed, earning him the nickname "The Starling Southpaw".[2]