Ted Grant was a professional boxer who became a crime fighter known as Wildcat, relying solely on his fighting skills to take down criminals.

He trained various other crime fighters such as Black Canary and watched over them when they were starting out. He joined the Justice League during its expansion period following the Thanagarian invasion of Earth. However, Ted became disenchanted with his being called upon less and less for crime fighting cases within the League and started becoming involved in Roulette's Meta-Brawl matches, usually pitting himself against meta-humans in order to take out his frustrations over his fellow Justice League members having superpowers. This eventually drew the attention of his former student Black Canary, who along with Green Arrow tried to reason with Ted to get him to stop participating in Meta-Brawl, but he was too addicted to his fame as a professional fighter to even desire leaving. Seeing that the only way he would leave Meta-Brawl is if she defeated Wildcat, Black Canary offered herself as an opponent in the ring with the promise that she would never bother him again if she was defeated. However, Green Arrow knocked Black Canary out with a gas arrow and took her place in the ring, taunting Wildcat to pummel him to the point of death in order to get him to see the end result of his fighting addiction. Finally seeing what kind of person he has become when he saw Green Arrow's lifeless body on the ring floor, Wildcat resolved to leave Meta-Brawl once and for all, later learning that Green Arrow used a stunner on himself to make it appear as if he had died at Wildcat's hands. Ted humbly submitted himself to therapy sessions with J'onn J'onnz to deal with his addiction.




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