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Ted Grant is Wildcat, a retired superhero of the Justice Society that trained Black Canary.

Year Zero

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Grant was originally a member of the Justice Society of America, and took part in World War II against the Nazis. During the war, Justice Society member, Johnny Thunder had become possessed by a Nazi named Dirk Strasser who wielded the Amulet of Apophis. In the final stages of the European theatre, the Justice Society would confront Strasser and Thunder's genie Yz, where they successfully subdued the genie. Alongside Liberty Belle, Wildcat was tasked with the evacuation of civilians during the fighting against Yz, and the Society would only be able to salvage Johnny's lifeless body.

Enraged by this, The Spectre took Strasser's amulet and used it to have Hitler commit suicide, while Green Lantern hid the amulet in a safe under Challenger Deep.

Decades following World War II, Wildcat and the rest of the Justice Society are given a party by the Justice League for their previous heroics. In the party, Wildcat gets into a sparring match against Batman. Although Batman gains the advantage by disabling Grant's right arm, he is downed when Wildcat throws his left.

Before Brainiac

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After going into retirement, Grant fell into a slump of drinking and bar-fighting that later caused him to turn his life around. He resurfaced after the fall of Superman's regime to walk Black Canary down the aisle at her wedding. The wedding is interrupted when the Suicide Squad emerges and kidnaps the children of several heroes in attendance as hostages for Ra's al Ghul. Unknown to them, Batman had slipped a tracker on the son of Canary and Green Arrow and located their base al Ghul's base in South America. Wildcat helped in the break-in of al Ghul's hideout, where he fought al Ghul's fake Batman. While Grant bested his foe in a fistfight, the fake Batman shot Grant repeatedly and called on reinforcements, but the rest of heroes are able to pull Wildcat out safely.

Due to his injuries, Grant is rendered comatose and on life support when Batman leads a rescue operation for the Teen Titans. As Superboy had suffered internal injuries and needed a miraculous doctor to save him, Batman swiftly barged into Wildcat's hospital room and killed Grant by disconnecting his life support. After the loss of his first life, Grant would finally regain consciousness, and Batman apologized for the sudden intrusion, but asked for Wildcat's help in saving Superboy. Wildcat would soon take Bruce to Doctor Mid-Nite, who had gone on a reclusive life after the Regime.


  • Resurrection: Ted Grant has been gifted with having nine lives; every time he dies, he can be resurrected up to eight times. Though its unknown how many lives he has left, one of them was lost when Batman took him off life support in order to get Wildcat out of a coma.[1]


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