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Heavyweight champion Ted Grant was secretly the costumed crimefighter Wildcat, a member of the Justice Society of America.

Ted Grant started fighting since he was a kid. The first time he lost was when he was nine years old, when he was made to fight an older kid named Billy by a group of boys. Billy punched him unconscious and knocked out his front teeth when ted was distracted by thoughts of Susan King, who was the most beautiful girl in his school and wanted him to win. The experience made him see love as a distraction, since one always needed to be focused in a fight and love was unpredictable.[2]

He later became a heavyweight boxer and ran roughshod over the competition over many years. He also secretly worked as the hero known as Wildcat. An exception in his boxing career once happened, when he himself was dominated by a younger boxer named Clarence "Thunder-Fist" Baylor. Baylor however lost the fight, though he found that he was forced to throw it by mobsters, who had kidnapped his girlfriend Sherri. They forced Baylor to come with them, since he was supposed to quickly lose and Wildcat followed them to their hideout. There he helped save him and Sherri. Baylor had recognized who he was, but didn't reveal it to anyone.[2]

Wildcat was also a member of the superhero team called the Justice Society of America, that started existing around the 1940s. He assisted the Justice League against Perpetua, discovering that he and his team didn't exist in their time (due to Doctor Manhattan changing the timeline by killing Alan Scott). After helping the Justice League gain a piece of the Totality, he and the JSA went to the League's timeline where they fought Perpetua's forces. Perpetua however regained her power when people sided with doom and banished the JSA back to their time.

Dr. Manhattan's attempt at fixing the timeline and reality failed however, as they merely re-adjusted into a new version. Wildcat returned to the present timeline along with other Justice Society members when Wally West, having gained the powers of Dr. Manhattan and acquiring the Mobius Chair, attempted to fix time by merging the various timelines, but he was now significantly old. He guarded the Valhalla Cemetery along with other surviving JSA members, after the Batman Who Laughs and the Dark Knights conquered the world.[3][4][5]

As part of the restored timeline, Grant was one of the mentors who had trained the young Bruce Wayne in the art of combat.[6]


  • Resurrection: Ted possesses the ability to return from the dead, however, he can only come back to life a total of nine times. When Ted and Green Arrow faced Killer Wasp, Ted stated he was down to six lives, meaning he had already died and resurrected three times.[7]


  • Martial Arts: Ted is a master martial artist, with Boxing being his signature fighting style. He has used his skills to train other heroes including Batman, Black Canary, Green Arrow, and Jay Garrick.[8][7]
    • Boxing: Ted's favorite, foremost and first learned combat skill was and always will be Boxing. No matter how big the opponent or how seemingly impossible the odds might be in or out of combat Wildcat will always solve the issue with boxing.[7]
  • Pedagogy[7]
  • Peak Human Condition: Despite his age Wildcat still possesses an incredibly muscled physique and the stamina of a young man, his punches are capable of ripping a Shadow Demon in two.[9]



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