Quote1 Everybody's got the superpowers these days. I remember when a tough jaw and a solid uppercut were all you needed to fight crime. Quote2
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Born in a rough part of Gotham, Ted Grant was an outsider growing up. Most saw him as just another nobody from a bad neighborhood. Young Ted had a nasty habit of getting into fights with the others boys and came home with new cuts and bruises every day. With a life like this, it would've been easy for the young man to turn to crime, but instead, he found his love of boxing. He strapped on his gloves and never looked back. After mob bosses framed him for murder after he refused to throw a fight, Ted created his costumed Persona of Wildcat to clear his name. Finding crime-fighting to his liking, Wildcat began a career as a superhero and became a founding member of the Justice Society of America. Ted had many adventures with the JSA, and the group became as close to each other as family. Ted was present at the original Black Canary's death, and swore to his teammate that he would look after her daughter.

Even in his advanced years, Ted continues to fight the battle for truth and justice, also training young heroes in the art of pugilism and running an inner-city gym to keep other kids from turning to crime. His students include the Outsiders, Black Canary and even Batman.



Heart Disease: Recently, the stress Ted has put on his body over a lifetime of fighting and training has begun to take its toll, leading to heart troubles. After a recent heart attack, some of his friends have tried to convince Ted to hang up his costume and retire, but he continues to ignore them, intending to fight on until the end.


  • Motorcycle: Wildcat rides on a supped-up motorcycle he can handle expertly.



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