Ted Kord was formerly known as the superhero Blue Beetle prior to his retirement before the Joker's attack on Metropolis. Kord wanted to shift his focus to his company Kord Industries and remained absent from the five year war against Superman's regime.

Following Superman's fall, Kord discovered he had a successor to the Blue Beetle mantle - a teenager named Jaime Reyes who had been connected to the Blue Beetle Scarab. Kord began training Reyes, wanting the boy to avoid the mistakes that he made in his youth as a hero.

Some time after this, Kord was contacted by Bruce Wayne, who invited the former Blue Beetle to join him in a restoration effort to fix the world that Superman had destroyed. Kord agreed but was visited later that evening by his time travelling best friend Booster Gold, who warned Kord that he was going to die that night. Donning his old Blue Beetle suit, Kord prepared to meet his fate and, sure enough, was abducted by the League of Assassins.

Broadcasted on every television around the world, Kord and every other industrialists whose business had negatively impacted the environment were executed by Killer Croc and Orca under the orders of Ra's al Ghul. In his final moments, Blue Beetle was visited by Booster Gold again, who said his goodbye to his best friend.[1]

After his demise, Ted left a hologram which officially passed down Kord Industries to Booster, including compensating the museum that Booster stole his costume from, allowing him to truly hold the mantle for himself. After the official business matters, Ted later asked his friend to look after and teach the young Jaime in his stead.

When Booster is about to pass away from oxygen-deprivation shortly after Starro's demise, an alternate timeline Booster Gold arrives with Ted, who remarks that, while he cannot prevent his best friend's death, they might as well be together until the end.




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