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Teddy Sears (b. April 6, 1977) portrayed Hunter Zolomon/Zoom on the series The Flash.

Pictured: Teddy Sears as Hunter Zolomon/"Jay Garrick" from the The Flash episode "The Man Who Saved Central City"

Work History

Acting Credits

The Flash 2014- Zoom
     "The Man Who Saved Central City" October 6, 2015 Jay Garrick
     "Flash of Two Worlds" October 13, 2015 Jay Garrick
     "Family of Rogues" October 20, 2015 Jay Garrick
     "The Darkness and the Light" November 3, 2015 Jay Garrick
     "Legends of Today" December 1, 2015 Jay Garrick
     "Running to Stand Still" December 8, 2015 Jay Garrick
     "Potential Energy" January 19, 2016 Jay Garrick
     "The Reverse-Flash Returns" January 26, 2016 Jay Garrick
Hunter Zolomon(Alternate reality)
     "Welcome to Earth-2" February 9, 2016 Jay Garrick
     "Escape from Earth-2" February 16, 2016 Jay Garrick
     "King Shark" February 23, 2016 Hunter Zolomon/Zoom
     "Trajectory" March 22, 2016 Hunter Zolomon/Zoom
     "Versus Zoom" April 19, 2016 Hunter Zolomon/Zoom
     "Back to Normal" April 26, 2016 Hunter Zolomon/Zoom
     "Rupture" May 3, 2016 Hunter Zolomon/Zoom
     "The Runaway Dinosaur" May 10, 2016 Hunter Zolomon/Zoom
     "Invincible" May 17, 2016 Hunter Zolomon/Zoom
     "The Race of His Life" May 24, 2016 Hunter Zolomon/Zoom

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