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The Teen Justice is a team of Earth 11 formed by the sidekicks of the Justice Guild members.[1]


On New Year's Eve, when the Justice Guild was due to make a public appearance in Gotham City after DJ Mallory Duncan and Karter B's musical performance, everyone was surprised by the super team dominated by Starrla the Star Conqueress and her drones. The sidekicks of the famous superheroes came together to fight their mentors as they tried to free them, until, acting in a team effort, they achieved their goal, also saving New Year's Eve.[1]

When show-woman Stephanie Lombard suggested that the name of the new teen super-team would be "Junior Justice Guild", all the kids objected, suggesting other names, among them "Teen Titans", while they were unable to choose one.[1]


  • The name is a mashup of Teen Titans and Young Justice.

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