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Prysm awakens in the mythical world of Skartaris. Immediately, she is set upon by a hungry Tyrannosaurus Rex. Fortunately for her, Travis Morgan - the Warlord appears and drives the creature off. Morgan begins to ask Prysm

"The Lost World of Skartaris" was a three-part storyline chronicled in issues #9-11 of Teen Titans (Volume 2). The story was written and illustrated by Dan Jurgens with ink work by George Pérez. Coloring was by Gregory Wright and Digital Chameleon, while Richard Starkings and Comicraft provided the lettering. The story was written by Titans group editor Eddie Berganza. This story follows the two-part "Dark Nemesis" story-arc.


Prysm awakens in the mythical world of Skartaris. Immediately, she is set upon by a hungry Tyrannosaurus Rex. Fortunately for her, Travis Morgan - the Warlord appears and drives the creature off. Morgan begins to ask Prysm questions, but she has no idea where she is or how she came to be here.

Meanwhile, the Teen Titans fear that Prysm is dead. They trace her trajectory to the Arctic Circle, but lose track of her. They are forced to report the news back to Loren Jupiter. The Titans lose confidence in themselves, but Risk refuses to give up the search.

The Titans meanwhile, continue to follow Prysm's last known coordinates. Flying over the Arctic Circle, they encounter a voluminous black cloud. The cloud makes the T-Jet's instruments go haywire and the plane begins plummeting. The Atom levels it out, but the jet crashes into the jungles of Skartaris. While exploring the terrain, the Titans encounter a squad of sword-wielding centurions. They fight against the warriors until their leader, Tara Morgan appears before them.

Elsewhere in Skartaris, the Warlord and Prysm run afoul of a giant serpent. The serpent is the pet of the evil sorceress, Motalla.

A herd of Triceratops stampede through the regions where the Teen Titans were confronted by Tara Morgan's soldiers. The Titans scramble to ready themselves for the onrushing dinosaurs and in so doing, end up protecting the soldiers as well. Tara is grateful for the Titans' help and brings them back to her castle where they are provided with royal baths and new clothes.

Meanwhile, the Warlord and Prysm awaken inside Motalla's floating city. Prysm is excited by her surrounding, but the Warlord does not trust Motalla at all. All he wants to do is leave. Motalla learns that Prysm wants nothing more in the world than to be a normal human being. Motalla tells that she can grant her that very wish.

Back in the village, Tara's soldiers are set upon by a horde of strange energy snakes. The Titans try to help out, but the snakes are too fast or too powerful for their powers to have any effect. One snake latches onto Joto and they both disappear. The Titans follow the animals' trail through a series of labyrinthine corridors and eventually come upon the Warlord and his colleague, Shakira. They are chained to the walls of the labyrinth -- the apparent prisoners of Motalla.

The Titans free Warlord and Shakira just as Motalla arrives. Motalla has kept her promise and has turned Prysm into a normal human -- for a price. Motalla now wields all of Prysm's powers.

Motalla, harnessing the power of Prysm, blasts Risk from the top of her sky city and he begins plummeting. He survives the fall into the jungles of Skartaris, but his descent unseats the sky-sled carrying the now-human Prysm. Prysm tells Risk why she gave up her power, and Risk counters by explaining that Motalla is using her power to kill the Titans.

In the Sky City, the other Titans team-up with the Warlord, Shakira, Tara and Tinder to fight against Motalla. The fight takes place within a lower dungeon and Joto notes that Motalla should be losing power as she is cut off from the sun. As such, he determines that she must be deriving power from an alternate source. Joto uses his thermal-tracking abilities and finds the power source behind a large, steel door. The Atom shrinks down and walks under the door to discover the enslaved form of sorceress Jennifer Morgan -- daughter of the Warlord. Atom frees Jennifer and the sorceress joins the fight against Motalla. Meanwhile, Risk and Prysm return to the sky city.

Jennifer Morgan learns that the only way to defeat Motalla is if Prysm agrees to take her power back. As Prysm latches on to Motalla, Jennifer casts a spell, reversing Motalla's magic, and returning Prysm's energy processing abilities back to her. Motalla instantly ages into an extremely old woman. With the Morgan family members reunited, the Titans effect some fast repairs on the T-Jet and head for home.


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