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In the missing year, Cyborg watches the temporary Titans including Aquagirl, Hawk and Dove, Offspring, Speedy and [[Z

Quote1 Robin has no idea what it takes to lead a team, Ravager. He has too many problems of his own to worry about. He won't fix any of you. That's what I do for my team. Look at yourselves. Look inside yourselves. You are broken. All of you. Quote2
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The New Teen Titans is a Teen Titans storyline written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Tony S. Daniel. It's published as part of the One Year Later event taking place after Infinite Crisis and the missing year. This follows the Crisis crossover storyline Life and Death and leads into Johns' next arc Titans Around the World.


In the missing year, Cyborg watches the temporary Titans including Aquagirl, Hawk and Dove, Offspring, Speedy and Zatara until he's repaired by Wendy and Marvin. Waking up to find Kid Devil and Ravager in Titans Tower he attacks them, until Robin arrives to explain that they are Titans now. Cyborg is determined to rebuild the team and they find Wonder Girl battling Gemini, although she insists she does not need the Titans anymore. Cyborg tries to reconnect with his best friend Beast Boy who has left for the Doom Patrol, while Robin secretly tries to clone his best friend Superboy from DNA.[1]

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Brain in his new body.

Ravager makes drunken sexual advances on Robin that he refuses, and Kid Devil interrupts them while she's naked in his bed. Wonder Girl breaks into Titans Tower for information on the Brotherhood of Evil, and Cyborg tells her to team up with them and decide afterwards if she wants to rejoin. They fight Elephant Man, Goldilocks, Plasmus and Warp in New York until Kid Devil is injured and the Doom Patrol arrive to help as the Brotherhood escape.[2] They're taken back to the Doom Patrol Headquarters in Prague, where Robin realizes the Chief is keeping his team in line by manipulating them into hating themselves. The Chief fixes Kid Devil and suggests he join his team, but the Titans angrily refuse.

They finally go after the Brotherhood in Paris and are met by the Brain and Monsieur Mallah, with the Brain now in a cloned human body.[3] They battle as the Brain explains to Robotman that he is also one of Caulder's failed experiments, as Caulder engineered both of their accidents. Brain's clone body disintegrates and Mallah drags him off to safety, after they enjoy looking at the sunset together just once. Back at Headquarters the team confronts the Chief about manipulating Kid Devil, and Mento deposes him as the Doom Patrol's new leader. Wonder Girl rejoins the team but Beast Boy decides to stay with his family. Following Robin, Wonder Girl realizes he's been trying to clone Superboy and they share a kiss together in solace until Wonder Girl runs away crying.[4]

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