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Part I

Titans Around the World was a four-part storyline published from September of 2006 until January of 2007. The story ran through issues #38-41 of Teen Titans (Volume 3) and was written by Geoff Johns. Carlos Ferreira provided the artwork for the first chapter, with regular Titans penciler Tony S. Daniel illustrating chapters two and three. The finale was penciled by Paco Diaz and Ryan Benjamin. Embellishment was provided by Kevin Conrad, Jonathan Glapion, Vicente Cifuentes, Saleem Crawford, Michael Lopez and Edwin Roswell with colouring by the Hories. Travis Lanham and Jared K. Fletcher provided the lettering. All four issues were collected as a trade paperback. Chronologically, the storyline takes place after the "New Teen Titans" story-arc in issues #34-37, which occur one year after the Infinite Crisis event. "Titans Around the World" is significant for introducing a new villain, Bombshell, who served as a femal analog to Captain Atom. It also brought the team's newest member Miss Martian firmly into the fold as a full member of the Teen Titans. Miss Martian was briefly introduced in issue #37. The storyline centered around the missing Titans member Raven, and concluded with the revelation of Raven's game plan which involved the resurrection of another former Titan, Jericho.


Part I
The Teen Titans battle Girder in the streets of San Francisco. After the battle, they are surrounded by young fans asking for autographs.

Back at Titans Tower, Kid Devil and Ravager argue with Wonder Girl at Robin about their place in the team. Cyborg interrupts their dispute to show them a surveillance video of Raven talking about finding out something that could rip the Titans apart.

In Moscow, Red Star busts up an operation of the Meta-Men Militia. Afterwards, he is greeted by the Titans, who have traveled to Russia looking for Raven.

In Edgewater, Colorado, Cody Driscoll, formerly known as Risk, robs a convenience store. He returns to his trailer to do some drugs when he is confronted by a mysterious figure in the shadows, who insists that Driscoll should join the Titans East or die.

Red Star teleports the Titans to his spaceship. The Russian hero witnesses the team bickering and suggests that they quit the team before they end up like so many of his friends that died. He gives them an address Raven had used in Beijing and asks them to leave.

The Titans travel to Beijing. They don't find Raven in the apartment, but they do find a journal. Apparently, something had been stolen from Titans Tower by one of the many members that had come and gone in the past year.

Meanwhile, Raven runs from armed pursuers in a forest, carrying a book.

Part II
The Teen Titans are on the trail of Raven. Having exhausted all normal means of tracking her, they rely upon former members of the interim Titans roster. They stop in Tokyo Japan where they find young Zachary Zatara in the midst of his magic act. Zatara is the arrogant nephew of Zatanna Zatara. Zachary wants nothing to do with the Titans any longer, and recalls that the short time he spent with them was a terrible experience. He tells them that Raven recently came by to see him, but he does not know her current whereabouts.

The next leg of their journey takes them to Brisbane, Australia. In Brisbane, another former Titan, Miss Martian frees a hostage from an irrational super-villain named Gunshot. After dealing with Gunshot, she turns to speak with the Titans. Like Zatara, Miss Martian also had recent dealings with Raven. She tells them that Raven wanted her to use her telepathy on the Teen Titans in order to ferret out a possible traitor in their ranks. Miss Martian however refused the request, citing that it is against her personal moral code to read the minds of "good people" without their permission.

In the South China Sea, a one-time member of the Titans named Bombshell fights up against the Red Panzer and his robot drones. She fires at them with blasts of atomic energy. The Teen Titans show up and assist her in stopping the Red Panzer. After the battle is won, they ask her if she has had contact with Raven. Bombshell tells them that Raven and she investigated the rumors of a traitor and she points her finger at Ravager.

Part III
The Teen Titans meet up with Bombshell in the South China Sea. Bombshell accuses Ravager of betraying the team, instigating the reformed villain to leap after her. Ravager's teammates hold her back and cooler heads prevail. Kid Devil argues in Ravager's defense, and even Wonder Girl admits that it is unlikely that she would commit acts of subterfuge against the Teen Titans.

As things begin to calm down, the group resumes their search for Raven. They believe that she may have gone to Phoenix, Arizona in search of the Church of Baron Blood. The team takes the T-Jet back to the United States. They drop Ravager off at Titans Tower, then fly off towards Phoenix.

Ravager consults with Wendy and Marvin and discovers that Raven has taken a computer disk, which was previously concealed inside of an encyclopedia. Ravager begins to suspect what Raven is actually doing.

Meanwhile, Miss Martian intercepts the Titans aboard Bombshell's Quantum Jet. As she phases inside, Bombshell ignites several incendiary devices, forcing Miss Martian to revert into her true White Martian form. It appears obvious to everyone present, that Miss Martian is a traitor and a fight ensues.

Later, Wonder Girl and Kid Devil find Raven at the Church of Brother Blood. They interrupt her in the middle of an occult ritual, and Raven momentarily mistakes Kid Devil for her father, Trigon. They quickly inform her that Miss Martian has betrayed the Titans, but Raven points out that she is innocent.

Suddenly, Bombshell appears before them and attacks. She reveals that she has defeated the remaining Titans and prepares to retrieve what Raven took from the Tower. Ravager appears and attacks Bombshell spoiling her shot. Raven withdraws a computer disk from an encyclopedia and throws it into a pit of blood, thus completing her ritual. The disk in question contains the digitized soul of Ravager's late brother, Jericho. To the shock of everyone in the chamber, a resurrected Jericho rises from the pit.

Part IV
Jericho rises from the pit to once again join the ranks of the living. But his resurrection may be short-lived as Bombshell unleashes a burst of quantum energy at him. Joey tries to possess her, but she retorts by revealing that the alien metal coating her body reflects his powers. Instead, Joey takes control of Wonder Girl and punches Bombshell through the cement wall.

Outside, Miss Martian helps the other Titans escape from their shackles and attack the armed guards. Wonder Girl/Jericho, Ravager and Raven join the others outside, and the fully assembled team rally behind the battle cry of "Titans Together!" Kid Devil turns up the temperature and super-heats Bombshell's metal skin. Then Raven uses the power of her soul-self to instantly cool her down, causing her shell to blister and crack. With Bombshell backpedaling in pain, Ravager puts her down for the K.O.

After everything settles down, the Titans hand Bombshell over to Diana Prince and Sarge Steel of the Department of Metahuman Affairs. They return to Titans Tower where Joey takes time to meet the sister that he never had the chance to know.


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