The Teen Titans were a team of young superheroes who fought against evil. They were all later killed by Terra when she rebelled against her mentor, becoming the goddess, Gaia.


Presumably following their main counterparts, the Titans were formed to fight against evil with the team's members remaining the same.

They later gained a new member in the form of "Terra" who was in reality a spy for Deathstroke with the team being none the wiser to her true allegiances.

After completing one such mission, Dick Grayson and Wally West both later announced that they were giving up their superhero identities so that they could return to civilian life. A talk with Grayson would later prompt Terra to rebel against Deathstroke, kill him and then inject herself with the same serum that gave Deathstroke his powers with Terra's powers greatly increasing as a result. Terra later discarded her original costume and began wearing a new one, now calling herself "Gaia".

Gaia first attacked the Teen Titans Headquarters and destroyed it, killing Wonder Girl, Cyborg and Starfire. She later fought against Kid Flash and Robin, ultimately killing them by impaling them in the chests before she fatally wounded Superman by summoning kryptonite. She also killed Changeling, the final member of the Titans by having his body consumed with lava, resulting in the Teen Titans being wiped out forever.

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