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The Teen Titans is a team of young superheroes that operate out of Jump City. They usually have whimsical, cartoonish adventures in between fighting crimes.


The Teen Titans early history is related to an earlier, alternate reality version of the team.

Besides goofing off together, the Teen Titans worked together to stop Mad Mod from turning Jump City into old England using a time machine. [1]

Again as a team, the Titans caught their old foe Red X and tried to finally unmask him but, by using a series of decoy masks, the villain escaped yet again. [2]

In another adventure, the Titans were magically turned into animals by the evil magician Mumbo. However, they managed to catch the villain and used his magic against him, returning themselves to normal. [3]

In one instance, the Titans became stuck in a time loop when the time-travelling villain Warp was reduced to a baby. Though the Titans tried to get control of the time machine, they were temporarily trapped in the prehistoric age. [4]

In one of their final known adventures, the Titans were roped into the musical wedding of Mumbo and Mother Mae-Eye. The Titans crashed the wedding and apprehended the villains in attendance. [5]

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