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Quote1 Tim Drake and I had our differences, but I'll admit he was a great man. Despite his best efforts, over the past few years the Teen Titans have been losers, criminals--a joke. They epitomized what's wrong with this younger generation of so-called heroes--They didn't deserve to be called a "super-team". But we could do better. Quote2
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The Teen Titans is a team of young heroes initially led by the original Robin. The team was erased from the world's collective memory for a time in an attempt to prevent the rise of a demonic Mister Twister. As such, when he founded his own team, Red Robin thought he was the first to use the name. After being disbanded by Red Robin, a new team led by the fifth Robin was formed.


Founding and Early History

The First Team

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The original Teen Titans

Founded by Dick Grayson, the original Teen Titans formed many years ago after an adventure in Hatton Corners, consisting of the sidekicks of several of the world's most prominent superheroes.

They were originally made up of Robin (Dick Grayson), Wonder Girl (Donna Troy), Aqualad (Garth), and Kid Flash (Wally West); though not a founding member, Speedy joined early after its creation and became a prominent member.

Boy Thunder

The team briefly hosted the interdimensional refugee known as David Sikela, with Speedy giving him the codename 'Boy Thunder', despite David's objections. Boy Thunder participated in adventures with the Titans for a time, including aiding them in taking down pirates who had taken down an oil tanker. During the battle, David lost control of his temper (and his powers) after one of the Titans was injured, and he nearly killed one of the pirates.[1] When Boy Thunder was kidnapped by the Joker and the Key, the Titans assisted the Justice League in attempting to track the trio down, and were witness to David escaping his confinement and nearly killing the Joker. Afterwards, Superman left with David, intending to find a way to remove David's powers; this set off a chain of events that resulted in Boy Thunder being cast adrift in the Multiverse.

Further Adventures

The team later expanded, taking on Cave Boy, Dove (Don Hall), Hawk, Guardian, Bumblebee, Duela Dent, Golden Eagle and others.[2]

World's Finest

At some point following the departure of Golden Eagle from active duty as a hero, the Teen Titans operated with a smaller roster consisting of Robin, Wonder Girl, Aqualad, Kid Flash, Speedy, Roy Harper, and Bumblebee. During this time, they operated out of the Titans Lair, a compound paid for by Green Arrow. Despite being retired, Charlie continued to aid the Titans, managing their social media and outreach and enabling anybody in need to reach out to the Titans. They fought a number of minor foes, like David Trask, the Separated Man.[3]

During this period, Robin and Speedy frequently argued over Speedy's focus on social media fame and use of drones and other methods to live-stream some of their adventures for their fans. Additionally, the fact that the other members of the team had shared their identities with one another but Robin refused to (under orders from Batman) resulted in additional tension.[4]

New Teen Titans

In time, a new team arose with a roster that included Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven and Starfire, all of whom lived in Titans Tower, a headquarters for the team constructed by Cyborg's father, Silas Stone.[5]

During this iteration, one of the team's greatest foes was Brother Blood and his cult. Despite an intervention by the Justice League, Brother Blood continued to operate. It was also during this period that the Titans came into conflict with H.I.V.E., a conflict that eventually resulted in the inadvertent death of Ravager, leading to Ravager's father, Deathstroke swearing vengeance on the group.[6]

Later Iterations

Several versions of the team would form over time, nearly all of them featuring one Robin or another, with the notable exception being the Team Titans.[7]

Conflict with Mister Twister

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Their Final Fight

At some point, the original Teen Titans came back together and faced off against the incredibly powerful Mister Twister. In order to prevent him from unleashing evil upon the whole universe, the Titans had to completely forget Twister, the Teen Titans, and their past lives. This was accomplished when Omen erased the memories of everyone who had known about the Titans, including the Titans themselves. These memories remained erased until Twister continued to grow in power without the aid of the Titans, starting the whole ordeal over again.

New 52

Tim's New Team

A new iteration of the Teen Titans was founded by Tim Drake as a counter-attack force to deal with N.O.W.H.E.R.E. and its leader, Harvest. As no one could remember earlier teams, Tim Drake believed this to be the first iteration of the Teen Titans.

It's Our Right to Fight

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United against N.O.W.H.E.R.E.!

Fighting against a mysterious organization called N.O.W.H.E.R.E. which abducts young metahumans and kills the ones who refuse to follow their orders, Tim Drake recruits several teenagers targeted by this new, menacing enemy. Red Robin wants to build an alliance, as he knows that they cannot go against N.O.W.H.E.R.E. alone. He first reaches out to Cassie Sandsmark, a girl with the powers of an amazon, but fails to convince her to join his initiative.[8] While travelling to New York with another young meta he helped, Celine Patterson, Tim meets Miguel Barragan, a Mexican hero calling himself Bunker, who saw Tim's plea about joining forces and came to the United States to find and join him.[9]

Now in Manhattan, Tim, Miguel and Celine then welcome a pair of escapees from N.O.W.H.E.R.E.'s fortress, Kid Flash and Solstice. While knowing each other, they stumble on a TV broadcast showing Cassie fighting a mysterious super-human with an "S" symbol on his chest, right in the middle of Times Square. Helping a friend, the Teen Titans get together for the first time, battling it out against this unknown enemy who works for N.O.W.H.E.R.E. as well.[10] While unable to defeat him, the Titans make this self-appointed "Superboy" doubt the cause of his masters: he decides to leave them be and go away.[11]

Back inside Tim's headquarters, the team soon has to help Bart Allen with his powers, destabilized after his fight with Superboy. Calling for the help of genius young scientist Virgil Hawkins, the Titans and Virgil succeed in creating a suit able to contain Bart's power, letting him be in control.[12] They soon find out that N.O.W.H.E.R.E. captured Superboy, with the intention to kill him, and with the help of an insider, Danny the Street, the Titans get into the fortress where Superboy is held prisoner.

A fight ensues, and while all hell breaks loose, Tim tries to steal proofs of N.O.W.H.E.R.E.'s actions, a thing that enrages Solstice: the girl thinks they should spend their time inside the fortress to save as much young metahumans as they can, but Tim finds that gathering proof of the organization's criminal activities is prior. This discussion breaks up their opportunity to escape, as the Titans find themselves in the hands of the leader of N.O.W.H.E.R.E., the mysterious Harvest.[13]

The Culling

After getting brainwashed by Omen, one of Harvest's Ravagers, the team is sent inside an hostile environment together with a lot of young metahumans: they have to take part in a battle royal to the death, called The Culling, which functions as a selection method for new members of the Ravagers.[14] While trying to understand what to do and searching for each other, the Titans end up face to face with another team, a group of Legion of Super-Heroes members lost in time. As Harvest plan was to see how the two teams would interact with each other, they end up to be allies, fighting the other metahumans and trying to stop them from killing each other.[15]

Teen Titans Vol 4 9 Textless

Facing Their Nemesis

Soon, Harvest sends the Ravagers to take care of them but the combined effort of the two teams is enough to defeat their enemies. Studying together and escape plan, they soon get confronted by Harvest himself that thanks to a blend of future technology is too much of a match for anyone. As last resort, the Legion decides to blow up the central core of the fortress with the Titans agreeing, even if it could mean they won't survive the explosion. As Harvest flees, the Legion members blow up the core and then teleport themselves away, getting back to their timeline thanks to a device found inside Harvest's headquarters.[16] Superboy succeeds in utilizing his tactile telekinesis to shield everyone and the Titans are safe.

The problem is that they are in a mysterious and unknown island, still inhabited by dinosaurs. As Bart and Kiran develop a relationship and also Cassie and Kon get closer, the Titans receive the help of Danny the Street: he's dying and his last wish is to bring the team back to Manhattan. Even if Tim initially refuses his sacrifice, in the end he and the Titans accept the will of Danny who transfers them safely to their base.[17]

The Origin of Wonder Girl

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The Origins of Wonder Girl

Back from their fight with Harvest, Kid Flash, Bunker and Solstice are fighting a criminal inside their headquarters, Loose Cannon, who catfished Miguel on Craigslist. As Cassie helps them defeat him, she goes into a state of berserk, completely controlled by her Silent Armor.[18] Soon, Tim and Kon get back and try to help Cassie get back in control, utilizing then Kon-El's telekinesis to strip Cassie out of the armor. As all seems to go well, a mysterious ex boyfriend of Cassie, Diesel, appears and takes the armor for himself.[19]

The three heroes decide to travel to Cambodia, as Cassie explains them that in her last moments with Diesel, they were in South America to assist to another excavation of Cassandra's mother, Helena Sandsmark, a world renowned archaeologist. Exploring the site in search of treasures to steal, Diesel found the armor and dressed himself in it. After finding him, Cassie took the armor for herself, feeling like it was her destiny to do so, but fails in saving Diesel from the collapse of the galleries they were in. Thinking her boyfriend was dead, Cassie left with an hole in her heart.

As Diesel is back and now wears the Silent Armor, he wants to use all the obscure and arcane powers of this sentient weapon: in fact, Tim soon discovers this mysterious artifact is connected to an old legend associated with a creature named Trigon.[20] After neutralizing Diesel, Cassie takes the armor back and both Tim and Kon promise her they will do anything to help her remain in control from now on.[21]

Death of the Family

 Main article: Death of the Family

After Red Robin leaves for Gotham because of a distress call from Batman, the Titans find a puppet and a message of the Joker, suggesting he kidnapped their leader.[22] Afraid of what could happen to Tim, the Titans rally to rescue him, contacting Batgirl as Tim suggested they should do if something to him happened while in Gotham.

While Joker has captured Tim Drake, he reveals to him that the message he left for his team was a bait to lure them to Gotham. The clown infected the Titans' speedster, Bart Allen, with Joker Toxin and now, as Kid Flash moves at supersonic speed around the city, he does not know he's infecting the population. Of course, he will also infect the rest of the Titans. Soon, the Outlaws get in Gotham[23] and help the Titans and Batgirl contain the situation, with the young heroes getting cured of their condition. Even with their combined efforts, the Titans and the Outlaws are unable to track down and save neither Red Robin or Red Hood, also prisoner of the clown prince of crime.[24]

Tim survives Joker's master-plan, but the trauma is hard to handle for the Titans. To restart with the best intentions, Tim buys a yacht to serve as the new Titans headquarters.[25]

Raven and Trigon

While the Titans try to digest the battle against Harvest, they live their new team life: Tim Drake in particular feels and acts different, seducing both Solstice and Wonder Girl behind the backs of his friends. Then, he brings the team to Belle Reve tricking them into thinking a young metahuman was held prisoner there, while Tim only wanted to close a private deal with Amanda Waller. As Cassie and Kon confront him about his attitude, the Titans must stop arguing to handle a threat in the middle of New York City: the demonic Trigon appeared out of nowhere to start his conquer of the planet Earth.[26]

Teen Titans Vol 4 22 Textless

Facing the might of Trigon!

Unable to face him as he's too powerful, the Titans soon get helped by Trigon's own daughter, Raven, who rebels against the evil his father represents. Together with her is another metahuman, Beast Boy, who the Titans previously encountered as one of the prisoners of Harvest during The Culling. Trigon then detects another metahuman on the field, Simon Jones, and he amplifies his powers to kill dozens of soldiers that intervened in the conflict. Trigon soon leaves, making the impression that everything he wanted was placing the Titans in a crisis in front of the world.[27]

Tim then recruits Raven inside the team, meanwhile fighting a possession he does not know is even effecting him. After facing Trigon's three sons and defeating them, Raven tells the Titans that the Simon Jones incident was only an illusion his father orchestrated to trick them.[28] Trigon then comes back, revealing his intention was to test the resilience of the Titans' leader, Tim Drake. After leaving once again with his real intents still a mystery, Raven officially becomes a member of the team and reveals publicly all the things Tim did under the possession of his father, bringing the team to a break point thanks to jealousy that both Bart and Kon prove about Tim's secret adventures with both Kiran and Cassie.

As Raven is alone, his father compliments her about accomplishing her mission: infiltrate herself inside the Titans, ready to make them her lieutenants in her conquest of the planet, as Trigon cannot conquer Earth without the help of his daughter.[29]

Into the Timestream

When all of Earth's greatest heroes were gone and the Crime Syndicate had taken over the world, the Teen Titans attempted to challenge the Crime Syndicate, but were easily overpowered by Johnny Quick and Atomika and were then flung into the timestream.[30]

During their travels, Tim Drake suggested that Raven could use her powers to manipulate the energy within the time stream. Raven succeeded in anchoring the Titans with her soul-self, teleporting them through time.[31] The Titans arrived 20 years into the future, where the Jonathan Lane Kent, has massacred most of Earth's superheroes, leaving only a few, including Beast Boy, now calling himself Beast Man, and Rose Wilson, his wife. Kon-El and Jon rhen battled, and Kon triumphed. But Kon was sent elsewhere by an unknown power, and a severely injured Jon was swapped unknowingly as Superboy by Logan and Wilson, as a plan to try to stop the future they were living from ever happening.[32]

Trial of Kid Flash

The whole team is finally reunited in the 30th century, where they find Kid Flash and Solstice fighting some rebels, former allies of Bart who he forgot even existed after appearing in the Titans' original timeline.[33] As they were fighting, Echo, an organization of law-keepers, stops the conflict and takes Bart, as he must be trialed for crimes of war. Brain 3, the commander of Echo, explains that Kid Flash was originally called Bar Torr and was the head of a revolutionary movement trying to destroy the Functionary, an absolute form of government with only one, absolute law: abide all freedom and follow the orders. Echo, to protect him from being killed and to trial him as the law orders to do, sent him in a different timeline, erasing his memory.

Teen Titans Vol 4 28 Textless

Guilty as Charged!

With Raven destroyed by having to drag the Titans through time and Superboy, even if secretly not Kon-El, severely injured, Tim takes the decision to surrender and travel under the protection of Echo to assist Bart in his trial. Soon, the Titans discover that their comrade wasn't the kid they thought he was: Bart killed in the name of the revolution, without mercy or doubt in his eyes. Still, the Titans, especially Solstice, do not want to leave him to his destiny.[34]

As the time of Bart serving as a witness comes, he reveals the whole thing, including transferring to another timeline and being a Titan, was a plan he orchestrated to gather high agents of the Functionary to his trial: now him and his resistance can kill them all.

In the end, Bart is captured and condemned to serve a life of forced work on a distant and lonely planet. Solstice, in love with him, kills an agent of the Functionary just to be condemned to the same punishment.[35] As Bart, Kiran and also Superboy decide to remain in the 30th century, Tim, Raven and Cassie come back[36], reuniting with Beast Boy, Bunker and Skitter. After helping the heroes survive the reign of the Crime Syndicate, the Titans live one last adventure together, putting a stop to Harvest once and for all and closing a circle.[37] Raven also discovers that, after her return, she cannot feel her father's power anymore and she's finally free to live like she wants.[38]

A second incarnation of Tim Drake's team, came back together after a crisis that saw several key members, like Superboy and Kid Flash, leave the team.

S.T.A.R. Labs

Teen Titans Vol 5 1 Textless

Rise to Fame

After an unknown amount of time, Red Robin founded a new team with an almost identical lineup (minus Kid Flash, Skitter, Solstice, and Superboy).[39] The new team encountered an A.I.-powered android known as Algorithm. The android was committing terror attacks against S.T.A.R. Labs in Manhattan.[40] While investigating a possible connection between the android and S.T.A.R., Red Robin was attacked by Algorithm. After a brief skirmish, he destroyed the android. He then met Manchester Black, a high-level official for S.T.A.R. Black admitted that S.T.A.R. was responsible for the construction of the android, but not it going rogue. He then offers a partnership between S.T.A.R. and the Titans, a "team up." Red Robin then accepts and introduces the Titans to Black.[41]

While fighting several teenagers who had taken power-granting pills and had gone on a rampage, the Titans encountered Tanya Spears, a teenager with superstrength. She assisted them in their fight against the punks.[42] After returning to Beast Boy and Bunker's apartment, she explained to them that she had been given her powers by Karen Starr, otherwise known as Power Girl. After Tanya and Wonder Girl got into an argument with Tim over the way the Titan's operate, Cassie and Wonder Girl left and went to Cassie's apartment, where her mother was waiting. Soon after, Manchester Black approached them to tell them of a coming attack that would be worse than any of Algorithm's attacks. While taking, the S.T.A.R. Labs facility on Governor's Island exploded.[43]

After discussing what their next course of action should be, the Titans teleported to the ruins on Governor's Island. Black explained that the terrorists, who were already in the Vault of S.T.A.R., were planning on unleashing weapons of mass destruction that were built by S.T.A.R. After capturing one of the terrorists, Raven examined his mind. She uncovered the terrorists' ultimate plan: to destroy Manhattan with an extremely large explosive device known as "The Eraser." After a brief skirmish, the Titans were able to prevent the terrorists from activating the Eraser. They then unknowingly used the terrorists' holo-projector to announce that Manhattan was no longer in danger. It also informally announced Tanya Spears as the new Power Girl, and member of the Teen Titans.[44]

Because of their saving New York, the Titans increased in fame dramatically. Beast Boy was offered a role to be the host of Comedy Tonight. Raven protected her tribute band, Dark Mistress form an impromptu riot. Wonder Girl kept her gang of Wonder Girls from beating up a stalker. After their popularity surge, Red Robin became suspicious of Manchester Black, who seemingly enjoyed the attention. He was trying to get more information about the most powerful weapon that had been created by S.T.A.R., one even more powerful than the Eraser. Black assures him that it doesn't exist, but Red Robin isn't convinced. Black then shows him a video of Superboy, who had supposedly killed many people.[45]

Return of Superboy

Teen Titans Vol 5 9 Textless

Rogue Targets

After seeing the video, Red Robin does research to see if it is actually true. Unfortunately, it was, and the entire world was aware of it! Tim later met with Cassie, who was extremely distraught over it.They later went to see if they could find Kon. Tim calls on the Titans to join together to find Kon to help. However, they did not know that a Durlan named Ra'ut L'lwer had helped Kon escape from J'onn J'onzz, the Martian Manhunter. Manhunter, who was seeking to kill Kon for what he had done, found them at Gar and Miguel's apartment. Kon lashed out at him and knocked him unconscious. Once again, Tanya and Cassie got into an argument with the rest of the Titan. It ended with the Titans leaving with Kon and Ra'ut, while Cassie and Tanya talked with Manchester Black. He offered them a place on S.T.A.R. Labs' new team: the Elite, to which they accept.[46]

While training with their new team, Cassie received a call from Tim, who was trying to get her and Tanya back on the team. She declined, and unknowingly helped Black track Tim and the Titans to an abandoned steel mill in Youngstown, Ohio. However, it was a trick, and the Titans were in downtown Chicago. Even though they were trying to lay low, Miguel, Gar, and Raven were recognized, and they attracted a large crowd. While surrounded by the crowd, a woman was pushed onto the tracks of the L-train. Gar and Miguel fully revealed themselves to save her, but Kon swooped in just before the woman was killed. Because Kon was still technically an escaped murderer, the police responded immediately. Manchester Black and S.T.A.R. also noticed, and decided on sending their team on their first mission. The Titans escaped before the Elite showed up, but, with the help of Klarion, they found the Titans soon after.[47]

The Titans and the Elite argue over what should happen to Kon, but it turns into an all-out brawl. They continue to fight until Superboy escapes Wonder Girl. The Elite then teleport back to Black, who had been talking to Tim and Raven. After trying to read Black's mind, Raven was knocked unconscious because of how dark Black's mind was. Before Tim escaped, Black told him that, if they wanted to clear Kon's name, they would have to break into the Metropolis Armory Ward, or the M.A.W.[48]

After escaping Black and the Elite, the Titans went into hiding once again, trying to plan their next course of action. They eventually decide to break into the M.A.W. to help Kon, who is in hiding. The next day, they break in. Raven tells them that the person she saw in relation to Kon in Black's mind is Despero. In order to get to Despero, they would have to temporarily let every inmate out, including Blockbuster and Livewire. Right before many of the inmates escaped the facility completely, Kon showed up, and took them down.[48]

All of a sudden, Tim, Kon, Cassie and Bart were transported to a place that appeared to be the apartment where they first joined together to be the Titans. Afer seeing various visions and images of their past, it was revealed that Harvest was the one responsible for it. Harvest attempted to win Kon over, but the Titans retaliated. But, Kon convinced them to stop. He told them that they were the best heroes—and the best friends he had ever known. He later disappeared with alongside Harvest, leaving Tim, Bart, and Cassie alone in the illusion.[49]

Because there were still convicts roaming the halls of the prison, Miguel, Raven, and Gar were forced to keep them at bay. The main person they faced was the incredibly powerful Doctor Psycho, and they were soon all taken out. But, when Psycho tried to read Raven's mind, he was immediately put into a catatonic state over the dark and horrendous things he saw. They were then able to round up the rest of the escaped convicts.

Soon after, Tim found a way to hack the teleport that Harvest used to bring them to his lair. After the Titans were all back together, the prison guards started shooting at them for breaking in.

Nearby, Manchester Black was trying to convince Despero to help him defeat the Titans once and for all, but Chimera was actually posing as Despero to lead Black into a trap. They took Black down soon after, and the Elite met with them to assess the situation. All of a sudden, Alpha Centurion showed up to take them into S.T.A.R. Labs' custody.[50]

On the Run

Teen Titans Vol 5 15 Textless


While being taken to S.T.A.R., the Titans were rescued by Doomed. Almost immediately, Alpha Centurion showed up with the Pax Galactica to take the Titans back into custody but was defeated in the process. Tim joined Red Hood, who was working to take down the anti-Robin movement.[51]

After fleeing the scene, the Titans split up. Raven, Beast Boy, Bunker, and Power Girl stayed in Tim's hideout in Gotham, and Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, Chimera, and Doomed went to the estate of one of Cassie's "friends" in Kane County outside of Gotham.

After feeling an immense amount of dark thoughts in Gotham, Raven and her group went to investigate. They found Professor Pyg making the cast and crew of a high school play "perfect." They were about to take him down, but Pyg's Dollotrons surrounded them and knocked them out. They woke up strapped down on gurneys, ready for Pyg to transform them into his dollotrons. They also discovered that Pyg had drawn some of Gar's blood, and transfused it into a young woman. The woman soon transformed into a large, monstrous creature as a result of the transfusion. Pyg escaped during the struggle that ensued, and Raven was able to bring the woman back to her human form. Unfortunately, they found out that Pyg had stollen blood from all of them.[52]

After leaving the theater, they went back to Tim's hideout, where Tim met them. While discussing the increasingly dangerous situation, a group of Durlans showed up, demanding for them to hand her over. After a brief struggle, Chimera agreed to go with them. They then left, leaving the Titans in the ruins of Tim's hideout. Right after she left, they noticed that Bart had left also. He left them a message stating that he went back to the future to be with Solstice. Reiser then told Tim that he should go back to Metropolis. Tim agreed, and Raven brought him back to his home. A week later, the remaining titans took down a small gang in Heaton, Pennsylvania, where they decided to stay for the time being.[53]

Who Is Wonder Girl?

Teen Titans Vol 5 19 Textless

Who is Wonder Girl?

While hiding in Waynesboro, Virginia, Wonder Girl told Tim that she felt the need to come out of hiding. She later went off on her own, meeting with Ravne, Tanya, and Beast Boy. Even though Raven tried to talk to her, Cassie flew off to London. Shortly after, the Titans showed up just in time to fight hyena-men that were attacking Cassie. After defeating them, Cassie went into an apartment, where she found her father's head in stone. Cassandra, Cassie's aunt, showed up and offered Cassie a chance to help her restore her father to life. Cassie and Cassandra teleported away with the other Titans, leaving the Tim in the ruins of Wonder Woman's apartment. Wonder Woman then asked him what had happened.[54]

After explaining who Cassandra to Tim, they followed her and the Titans to Delphi, Greece. After a fight involving the Titans, Cassandra, and the hyena-men, Wonder Woman used her Lasso of Truth to discover whether or not Cassandra was telling the truth. She found out that she is, in fact, telling the truth, and that Cassie is actually her niece, too.[55]

After deciding to bring Cassie's father, Lennox, back to life, they ventured into the ruins at Delphi to find the Rod of Asclepius. After debating whether they should give Wonder Woman or Cassandra the Rod, Cassie gave it to Cassandra, who then used it to heal her throat and voice. Cassandra then froze the Titans and Wonder Woman with her newly-healed voice. Cassie was able to escape, and then ripped Cassandra's throat apart just as her father had done many years earlier. Cassie then used the remainder of the Rod's power to heal Cassandra's throat, but not her voice. Soon after, Wonder Woman took Cassandra to Mount Olympus, where she could be judged by the Gods of Olympus for what she had done. Even though Wonder Woman offered to take Cassie with them, she declined, stating that the Titans were her family.[56]

Final Adventures

Teen Titans Vol 5 24 Textless

End of an era

After being upset by an internet troll, the Brain unleashes mind-control devices upon the animals and visitors of the Central Park Zoo. After being defeated by the Titans, Raven temporarily put the Brain and Mallah in Azarath to keep them out of trouble. The Titans then realized that, during the battle, Tim had disappeared. He had been kidnapped by Amanda Waller's operatives and was taken to Belle Reve.[57]

After discovering that Waller had taken Tim, the Titans broke into Belle Reve to rescue Tim, proving waller wrong that they were helpless without him. She told them that the original reason she had taken him was to see whether or not they were "Squad material". Fortunately, they weren't.[58]

While in New Orleans, the Titans found out from Batman that Amanda Waller had used her connections in the government to have all criminal charges against the Titans dropped. During their call with him, all of the power and electronics in the city suddenly went down. Soon after, Raven shielded them from a mysterious wave that went over the city. They discovered that H.I.V.E. Queen was responsible. She was able to take control of all of the citizens' minds save the Titans. After the Queen tried to read Tim's mind, she was knocked out because he had a set a "chaos trap" fueled by Raven's dark magic.[59]

After returning to New York, the Titans went to the hottest underground "club" where they planned on relaxing. Unfortunately, many of the clubgoers started transforming into green hybrid animals. The Titans deduced that it was most likely the result of Professor Pyg stealing Gar's blood. While searching for the source, Tim and Gar discovered that Sister Blood had acquired the blood from Pyg to experiment upon. The Titans were able to defeat and capture Sister Blood and the Brotherhood of Blood.[60]

The Titans met after Tim Drake's apparent death to reminisce. They each recalled their fondest memory involving Tim. Miguel brought a time where he and Tim went shopping for clothes for Tim's high school alumni event. Tayna mentioned a time where Tim unknowingly helped her accept that she could be her own Power Girl without having to live up to the original Power Girl's image. Raven told how he helped her cope with her anger and hurt over what her father had done. Gar explained that, out of all of the Robins, Tim was the one who he had the highest for. Cassie told of a time when she and Tim saved several people from a large fire.

After recollecting for a while, they were unsure what their next course of action should be. They all agreed to go their separate ways and disband the team. Raven decided to connect with family in San Francisco. Miguel dropped off Gar at the airport. Gar was planning on meeting with a cousin who had connections to show business. Cassie and Tanya said that they would continue fighting evil as Wonder Girl and Power Girl.[61]


Conflict with Mister Twister

Despite being unable to remember their true histories, several of the original Teen Titans were able to banish Twister back to his realm, defeating him once and for all. They did not know, however, that there was another, forgotten member: Wally West.

After the events of DC Rebirth, several of the original members formed another team know simply as the Titans.[62]

Damian's Team

Founded by Damian Wayne, who forced the team to come together trying to counter the Demon's Fist from completing its mission: killing every member of this new incarnation.

Demon's Fist Hunt

Teen Titans Vol 6 3 Textless

At the mercy of the Demon's Thumb

After Tim Drake disbanded the Teen Titans, he was soon succeeded by Damian Wayne after he had turned thirteen. He began to recruit his team by knocking out and kidnapping Kid Flash, Beast Boy, Raven, and Starfire. When his kidnappees woke up in Damian's base on the west coast, he explained to them that a group of metahumans known as the Demon's Fist had targeted all of them for assassination. Then the members of the Demon's Fist arrive at the underground base and battle the new Teen Titans. The Titans narrowly escape on Damian's jet and camp out in the forests of California. Then Damian leaves the new Titans and returns to Infinity Island, the headquarters of the League of Assassins.

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Damian's Second Team

After deciding to disband the first incarnation of his team, Damian tries to form a new Teen Titans group. The only member of the fourth formation that is reintegrated, besides Damian himself, is Kid Flash.

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Djinn Wars

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Infinite Frontier

Titans Academy

Nightwing, Beast Boy, Raven, Cyborg, Donna Troy and Starfire formed an academy in honor of Roy Harper to train new Titans.[63] The senior class was largely comprised of former members of Damian's team, and operated as active duty Teen Titans in the field.



  • Their fight against the Brotherhood of Blood was most likely the Titans' last adventure before Tim Drake's "death."[59]
  • Long before the events of Titans Hunt, references were made to another group going by the name of the Teen Titans, but this seemed to be retconned after the issues were published into trade paperback format, with panels of dialogue being altered or erased.[64] However, this is now known to be true. There was an incarnation of the Teen Titans formed by Dick Grayson before Red Robin founded his team.
    • In contrast, it was said that Arsenal, Nightwing, and Starfire were once members of an earlier iteration of the Teen Titans that preceded the one created by Red Robin by several years.[65] This was later stated as true. With the exception of Starfire, an original Titans team including Nightwing (then Robin), Arsenal (then Speedy), and Tempest (then Aqualad) did, in fact, exist before Tim formed his version of the Teen Titans. Later on, it was revealed that Starfire was, in fact, a member of Dick's team.[66]
    • A similar event happened in the Batwoman trade paperback, with a panel of Flamebird referring to herself as a Teen Titan and having battled Deathstroke being altered.[67]
  • Long before the events of Titans Hunt, it is now known that several other iterations of the Titans existed before Tim Drake founded a new group to fight the Culling. Logically this battle with Mister Twister takes place after those later iterations, though Titans Hunt depicts the members in their childhood outfits.

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