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In a far off mountain range at night, Robin is on foot in pursuit of the evil mastermind Slade. The hero is surprisingly keeping up a good pace behind Slade. Soon, Slade stops the chase. The villain tries to get ins

Quote1 This isn't about your friends, Robin. It's about you. It's always been about you: sending trouble your way, leaving cryptic clues for you to unraavel. I was testing you. For some time now, I've been searching for,...an apprentice. Someone to follow in my footsteps. And, Robin, I've chosen you. Congratulations. Quote2

Apprentice, Part I is an episode of season 1 of Teen Titans. It premiered on October 4, 2003.

Synopsis for "Apprentice (Part I)"

In a far off mountain range at night, Robin is on foot in pursuit of the evil mastermind Slade. The hero is surprisingly keeping up a good pace behind Slade. Soon, Slade stops the chase. The villain tries to get inside Robin's head by taunting him, but Robin is not in any mood to talk.

The two begin to fight. Robin misses almost every punch because Slade is too fast. The villain, however, lands a few good hits on the hero.

In an attempt to confuse Slade, Robin throws multiple Birdarangs and destroys the nearby rock formations. The distraction works, and Robin knocks Slade to the ground. Slade compares himself to Robin, stating how alike they are. The Boy Wonder quickly shoots down the idea, but Slade points out that the rock formations Robin destroyed were all shaped in the image of the other Teen Titans. Robin, frustrated, rips off Slade's mask. Underneath, Slade exhibts that he looks exactly like Robin.

As Slade's evil laugh fades away, Robin wakes up from the nightmare. The entire chase was a dream. Suddenly, the door to Robin's room opens. Cyborg tells his fellow Titan that they have a problem. Slade wants to talk to him.

In the main hall, Slade is on the big television. He menacingly greets the Titans. Slade begins his speech by stating his disappointment in Robin. The villain thought for sure that the Titans leader could figure out his plan, but he could not. Slade then says that he will instead simply show them.

Slade moves the camera to show a cromoton detonator bomb. All of the Titans look in shock, except for Beast Boy who doesn't realize the bomb's importance. Raven explains the bomb can stop time forever. Beast Boy faints with horror. Robin threatens Slade to provide his location. Slade tells Robin that the Titans have to figure that out for themselves. The mastermind waves the detonator for the bomb in his hand before losing connection. The Titans have little time to stop Slade.

Robin turns around and orders the Titans to disperse. However, Beast Boy and Cyborg stop him. Cyborg tells Robin that he should sit the leader should sit this mission out. After all, when it comes to Slade, Robin usually goes a little crazy. Robin insists and continues walking.

Raven then stops the Titan. She re-examines the call from Slade and uses the computer to find clues about Slade's location. With this, she finds out that the bomb is at Pier 41. The Titans know the villain's location.

At Pier 41, the heroes arrive and blast open the storage door. When the enter inside, the entire place is empty. The bomb is nowhere to be found. Instead, Slade's robotic henchmen are waiting for them. It's an ambush.

The Titans and the henchmen begin to fight. Robin defeats multiple thugs before moving on to the henchmen his friends are fighting. Robin is so brutal that, once all the henchmen are beaten, he relentlessly continues to assault a henchman on the ground. No matter what the other heroes say, Robin contunues to beat the henchman. Robin is so crazy, that Starfire has to walk over and hold Robin's hand herself. The hero walks away angry.

Outside the storage area, Beast Boy suggests they split up. Raven quickly shoots down the idea, saying they will only come up empty handed that way. Robin paces trying to determine their next move. Suddenly, he notices a strange man walking around the pier and orders that he stops. Panicing, the man turns away and begins to run.

In the alley, Robin grabs the man and begins to interrogate him. As it turns out, the man is just a startled pier worker. Raven uses her powers to pull Robin off the man. The Titans catch up to their leader and tell him that he is going crazy. Beast Boy comments that, just because they're chasing Slade doesn't mean that Robin has to act like him. Robin, hearing this, turns to Beast Boy. The Boy Wonder screams to never compare him to that evil mastermind. Slade is trying to destory the city, Robin's only trying to save it.

Their conversation is interrupted when Starfire begins to have a sneezing fit. She states that she has an awful allergy to metallic chromium. Cyborg soon realizes that the base core of the Slade's bomb is metallic chromium. The Titans realize that Starfire is their ticket to finding that bomb.

In the sewers, the Titans are follwing Starfire, whose sneezing is worse than before. Robin attempts to appologize about his attitude before, but Raven stops him mid sentence to point out the escaping henchmen with the bomb. Robin runs ahead of all of the Titans. However, Cinderblock bashes through the wall and grabs Robin. The hero and the rock creature begin to fight. The Titan orders his allies to continue after the henchmen. The three Titans minus Starfire continue. Starfire, however, watches Robin concerned. She then continues after the henchmen.

Back with Robin, Cinderblock tries to beat Robin, but the hero is too fast. Robin throws a pair of bolas at the villain and takes the offense. Robin defeats Cinderblock. The Titan notices a blinking GPS in the unconscious Cinderblock's hand. On the GPS, there is a blinking "S." Robin now knows where Slade is.

In Slade's lair, the villain is watching the other four Titans in pursuit of the boat on a television screen. The door behind him explodes, but the madman doesn't even flinch. Robin enters and orders Slade hand over the detonator. Slade begins stating that, since Robin took so long, that maybe Cinderblock was too strong for him. The villain then takes out the remote control detonator from his pocket and places it on the ground in front of him. Slade tells Robin that, if he wants the detonator, he should come and get it. Robin launches into a kick.

Back in the sewers, the rest of the Titans manage to get onto the boat. However, the henchman that was driving it put the boat on locked autopilot before being thrown off the boat. The heroes are unable to stop the boat carrying the bomb. In a desperate attempt to stop the boat, Cyborg rips the mother board out of the boat, and it immediately stops.

Raven and Beast Boy arrive on the boat. Raven asks how Cyborg will disable the bomb. Honestly, Cyborg has no idea but he's going to try.

In Slade's lair again, Robin and Slade are fist fighting. Like in his dream, Robin is unsuccessful in hitting Slade. Slade lands all of the punches. The fight temporarily ends when Slade knocks the wind out of the boy. Robin slowly collapses to the ground, beaten.

Slade begins to knock Robin around on the ground and comment on how alike the two of them are. They both hate losing. Robin then gets up off the ground and lands two consecutive hits on Slade. Robin then begins to beat down on the villain, knocking him to the ground. The Titan then takes the oppurtunity to take the detonator. As he grabs it, the trigger breaks itself apart. Slade states that there is no detonator because there is no bomb.

In the sewers, the Titans are attempting to defuse the "bomb." When they finish, they then realize that the bomb is a fake. Confused, the Titans don't notice the laser minigun appearing from behind them. The gun shoots each of them with lasers, sending them into the water below.

In the water, the four Titans pop out of the water. They notice that the beam did not hurt them. It must of malfunctions.

Against their knowledge, the beam was very victorious. Inside their bodies, the beam inserted thousands of microbes into their blood stream. Slade has them wired from the inside.

In his lair, Slade blackmails Robin, explaining how the beam has inserted probes inside the four Titans. Slade states that, if Robin does not volunteer to be his apprentice, the villain will use his probes to kill the other Titans.

On the surface, the other Titans walk out of the sewer. Starfire attempts to call Robin, but his communicator is disabled.

Robin, still with Slade, is not in his costume anymore. He is in one that resembles Slade's. Robin is Slade's new apprentice.

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