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Late at night in Jump City, the Teen Titans are on a desperate search for their leader Robin who has gone missing. Starfire is working the hardest out of them all. Suddenly,

Quote1 That sounds like a threat, young man. Quite a good threat, actually. Betrayal, destruction, revenge. We really do think alike. Quote2

Apprentice, Part II is an episode of season 1 of Teen Titans. It premiered on October 11, 2003.

Synopsis for "Apprentice (Part II)"

Late at night in Jump City, the Teen Titans are on a desperate search for their leader Robin who has gone missing. Starfire is working the hardest out of them all. Suddenly, their search comes to a halt when the alarm begins to sound. The Titans, minus Robin, move out.

In a tall tower in the middle of the city, a shadow thief uses an explosive boomerang to explode a secure container. The thief takes the contents, and an alarm begins to sound.

A police team start to chase the thief, but the criminal is too fast and sneaky. The villain tricks the police but he does not trick the Teen Titans who soon arrive after. A chase begins on the roof of the tower with the thief obviously faster than the rest of the heroes. The thief comes to a dead end and stops. He turns around to reveal himself as Robin dressed like the villain Slade. The Titans look on in shock.

The Titans attempt to talk to Robin, but an earpiece in Robin's ear tells him that they are not his friends anymore. The newly formed criminal shoots the bridge that they are all standing on with a laser gun, making his escape in the fog.

In Slade's headquarters, Robin gives his "master" the stolen part. Robin swears that, as soon as Slade lets his guard down, Robin will destroy the controller that Slade is blackmailing him with. The evil mastermind explains that, as long as he has the controller, though, the Teen Titans will still remain in danger of the probes that are secretly in their blood stream.

Robin, unable to control his rage, attempts to attack Slade but is easily countered. Slade, holding Robin pinned, explains that he was monitoring Robin's vital signs during the mission. The boy won't admit it but he enjoyed stealing for Slade. The mastermind then lets go of his apprentice, gives him a blaster gun, and tells him that, eventually, Slade will be like a father to him. Robin grunts and says he already has a father.

In Titans Tower now, the Titans try to figure out why Robin has joined up with Slade. Raven explains that he couldn't be under mind control; she would have sensed it. Then Cyborg states that he wasn't a robot double either because his sensors stated it was really him. Starfire refuses to believe that he was the real Robin.

Cyborg then says that, no matter how much it hurts, Robin is a criminal now. And like any criminal, the Teen Titans have to arrest him. An alarm begins to sound again. Beast Boy confirms it's Robin.

In the Jump City Wayne Enterprises Building, Robin prepares to steal another gadget. The Titans arrive just in time again to stop him. Unable to grab the device and escape his former friends, Robin bashes through the ceiling to make his escape.

Robin begins to run away on the roof when Slade begins to communicate with him through his ear piece. Slade orders Robin to go back for the gadget. Robin tries to say that it's too heavily guarded, but Slade refuses to listen. The boy must get the gadget or his friends will be killed by Slade's probes.

The heroes arrive on the roof and begin to negotiate with Robin. Like he was ordered, Robin shoots his friends with his laser gun and a fight begins.

Robin defeats all of the Titans except for Stafire. Robin moves to fight her and is then ordered by Slade to use his thermal blaster. Starfire and Robin have a stand off: Starfire preparing her starbolt and Robin preparing his thermal blaster. Starfire, unable to hurt her friend, lowers her hand and says that, if he is truly evil, Robin has permission to shoot her.

Robin, also lowering his hand, tries to talk to Starfire but is quickly scolded by Slade. Slade, in his layer, pushes the detonator, chiding Robin for not attacking when he had the chance. Slade's probes begin to attach to the Titans' blood stream. Immediately, each of the Titans feels great pain and begin to glow. The apprentice begs Slade to stop hurting his friends, but the villain says that he must use the thermal blaster on the injured Starfire. Robin does what he is told and shoots his friend.

When the heroes awake from unconsciousness, Robin has gotten the gadget. He finishes off his friends and, again, uses a gadget to stealthily make another escape.

Slade is waiting in his layer, watching Robin's battle with the Titans over and over on his computer. He begin to talk into his wrist cuffling recorder, stating his apprentice's great improvement.

While he is talking, Robin comes up from behind the villain and punches him in the face. Robin is beginning to rebel again. The mastermind and his apprentice begin to fight for control.

Back with the heroes, Beast Boy is hooked up to the computer. Cyborg states that he found Slade's probes. They are the reason they were all randomly injured at the Wayne Enterprises building. The Titans now realize Robin is being blackmailed.

Robin and Slade continue to fight in his lair. Each of the two land very good hits. Eventually, Robin manages to crack Slade's mask. Slade then wins the fight when he pulls out the detonator connect to the probes in the Titans. Robin surrenders, telling him not to kill his friends. Slade tells Robin that, from now on, he shall call him master.

Before Slade gets a chance to finish his sentence, an energy blast strikes him from the side. The rest of the Teen Titans have arrived to help their friend. Slade is unimpressed and again pushes the detonator. The Titans collapse with pain from the probes.

The master orders his apprentice to attack the Titans to save them, but Robin again refuses. Instead, he grabs hold of the beam that activates the probes. The beam puts thousands of probes inside Robin as well, pratically poisoning him, too. Robin, hurt from the probes, makes Slade a deal. Stop the probes or lose his apprentice. Slade has no choice but to crush his own detonator, freeing the heroes.

The Titans, now recovering, begin their attack on Slade. Robin kicks his former master so hard, that it breaks half his mask. Slade covers the revealed half of his face and presses the self destruct button connected to his lair. Slade swears for another day.

Back at the tower, Cyborg finishes scanning Beast Boy for annymore probes. Using their medical technology, they manage to destroy all the probes in all of the Titans' systems. Beast Boy dances with glee. In celebration, Beast Boy and Cyborg decide to throw an all-you-can-eat super breakfast for the Titans.

Robin appologizes to Starfire, who, in turn appologizes herself. Robin admits that he and Slade are pretty alike, but there is one difference that divides them. Slade doesn't have any friends.

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