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In the Teen Titans garage, Cyborg is hard at work building an invention. After much work, he attempts to turn it on, but the invention remains still. Cyborg, frustrated, goes over his list, trying to see if he forgot an

Quote1 She's not just a car. She's my car. And I'm going to find her whether you guys help me or not! Quote2

Car Trouble is an episode of season 1 of Teen Titans. It premiered on November 11, 2003.

Synopsis for "Car Trouble"

In the Teen Titans garage, Cyborg is hard at work building an invention. After much work, he attempts to turn it on, but the invention remains still. Cyborg, frustrated, goes over his list, trying to see if he forgot anything while building it. Suddenly, he remembers. Cyborg opens up a door on his robotic chest to reveal a blue cybernetic chip. Cyborg inserts the chip into the inventions CD drive, and it immediately turns on. Cyborg smiles with pride.

Later, still in the garage, the rest of the Titans wait as Cyborg prepares to present his invention. After a long introduction, Cyborg reveals the future of Titans transportation: the T-Car! Robin, Beast Boy, and Starfire smile with amazement. Cyborg begins to show off the car, until the T-Communicator's siren rings. Cyborg eagerly offers to drive to the crime scene.

In the car, Cyborg is happily driving along until Starfire notices the buttons in the front seat. The Titan gleefully begins to touch all of the buttons without any care. Cyborg notices Starfire's random button pushing and attempts to stop her. She eventually stops, and, as soon as she does, Cyborg notices Beast Boy drooling like a dog out the window. Cyborg chides the green Titan until he stops. The Titans arrive at the crime scene and hop out of the car.

Robin orders the Titans to stike, and most of them disperse. Cyborg stays behind while he locks up his car. Before he can rush in to help, two slick teenagers walk up to Cyborg and begin a conversation about the car. Cyborg, unwilling to give up a chance to brag about the car, stops and talks. He does not get a chance to talk long, though, because Raven returns outside and drags him by his ear into the crime scene. As soon as Cyborg is out of sight, the two teenagers look at each other micheviously.

Inside the crime scene, a new villain composed entirely of electricity introduces himself as Overload. The Titans begin to fight this new villain. Overload manages to beat most of the Titans to the ground and grabs Cyborg. The Titan, being electrocuted, manages to beat Overload into a water jug. The villain in turn begins to short circuit from the water that is splashed on him. Robin, noticing Overload's weakness, orders all the Titans to soak him. The heroes do as requested and easily defeat Overload.

The Titans victoriously walk out of the store with Overload trapped in a rug. Cyborg rants about going to the drive-thru with his new car until Beast Boy points out that its not their. Cyborg breaks down in shock.

Somewhere across town, the two sly teenagers are driving the T-Car around for a joy ride.

Back in the parking lot, Cyborg is bawling from the loss of his car. Robin volunteers to help find the car as soon as they hand Overload over to the police. Cyborg declines, saying they need to find his car now. During Cyborg's rant about what could happen to his car, Raven comments that its just a car. The robotic Titan turns to Raven with an angry expression and storms off vowing to find the T-Car.

At a nearby drive-in, Cyborg begins to interrogate teenagers about his car. One kid manages to tell him about the two teenagers, Sammy and Cash, and the weird robotic car they randomly had. The kid mentions they were headed to a raceway known as "Crash Alley." The hero, knowing this is his car, runs off.

The two teenagers, at the raceway, pull up to the starting line. The T-Car now has flames painted across the front. Their opponent, a tiny green car, pulls up next to them. Sammy comments on how tiny the car is, and the race begins.

Using several of Cyborg's built-in gadgets, the teenagers win the race. They leap out of the car and prepare to mock the other, tiny car. Before they get the chance, the opponent car shoots a yellow laser that puts the teens in a round, unbreakable bubble. Cash begins to yell but he is interrupted by the oppenent car folding up to reveal Gizmo inside. The kid villain rushes over to the T-Car and hijacks it himself.

Soon after, Cyborg arrives at the raceway to find the teens captured inside the yellow bubble. He grabs them each by the kneck and pulls them out. The Titan asks them about his car, and they tell him they lost it in a race. Cyborg is both frustrated by the fact that, not only did he lose his car again, but they said it lost a race. One teenager corrects him, saying that they won. Cyborg begins to digress about how awesome his car is until he stops himself. He continues his interrogation. As soon as they mention Gizmo, Cyborg puts the teens back in the bubble and leaves again to find his car. On his way out of the raceway, he yells to the kids that he's calling the cops on them.

Cyborg later finds Gizmo funnelling stolen money into the car. The hero leaps onto the car and get in, but Gizmo begins driving. In an attempt to throw him off, the villain drives the car throw a car wash.

Despite all of the brushes, Cyborg holds on tight enough to make it through. Gizmo's next idea is to drive through the nearby construction zone.

Cyborg holds on for slightly longer until Gizmo drives the T-Car over an open bridge. In the craziness, Cyborg loses his grip and falls on a boat bellow. The villain drives away with the T-Car heavily damaged.

Back at the drive-in, Cyborg drinks 14 milkshakes in his sorrow. Raven arrives sometime later to mention that the rest of the Titans are looking for his car, too. The two Titans share a brother-sister conversation. Suddenly, Gizmo arrives in the drive-in, steals some food, and drives away, taunting Cyborg.

Before the Titans get a chance to pursue, Raven points out that the two teenagers who stole the car the first time escaped the bubble. Raven uses her powers to hold them still, swearing they won't escape before the cops arrive this time. Cyborg, noticing their car, takes the keys himself and hops in.

In the nearby mountains, Gizmo is enjoying a smoothie until he hears Cyborg and Raven approaching in a car behind him. A chase begins, with Cyborg proving to be the better driver. The two cars get so caught up in the chase, that they fail to notice the prison transport vehicle approaching. Cyborg's car just misses the truck, but the truck still tips over. The T-Car and the truck collide anyway.

Gizmo, who used the emergency eject just before the collision, slowly floats down to the ground, gloating about the wrecked T-Car. Raven uses her powers to wrap Gizmo in his parachute, defeating him.

Cyborg rushes over to the totalled T-Car but, as soon as he gets there, notices it has been taken by an escaped Overload. Apparently, the prison transport truck it hit was carrying the villain.

Overload removes Cyborg's blue power chip from the CD slot and inserts his own. The villain is now in full control of the car. The monster charges at Cyborg, laughing menicingly. Cyborg, knowing only one way to stop Overload, takes out his sound cannon arm and blasts his own car to pieces. Overload flies out of the car, defeated.

The prison transport vehicle, now back right side up, holds the two teenagers, Gizmo, and Overload, all beaten. The guards close the door on them and drive away with the criminals.

Cyborg, standing over the pieces of his destroyed car, simply looks at the ground. Raven walks over and states the car might be destroyed, but the thing Cyborg loved about the car is still very alive. She then points out Cyborg's blue chip sitting undamaged on the ground. The mechanical Titan runs over, picks it up, and smiles.

Back at the Titans Tower garage, Cyborg begins to rebuild the T-Car like he did before. However, he is not alone this time. This time, Raven gladly helped him.

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  • Overload (First appearance)
  • Sammy (Single appearance)
  • Cash (Single appearance)
  • Gizmo

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  • Cyborg mentions that his car is probably halfway to Metropolis already. Metropolis is home to the fellow DC superhero Superman.

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