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Quote1 Nothing is wrong with your television. Do not attempt to change the channel. Your regularly scheduled program will not seen because I am controlling the trans machine. I control the horizontal. I control the vertical. And those buttons on your remote that don't seem to do anything, I know what they're for! From this moment on, your television belongs to me: Control Freak! Quote2
Control Freak

Episode 257-494 is an episode of season 4 of Teen Titans. It premiered on January 17, 2005.

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  • This episode makes multiple references to the movie series Star Wars.
    • In one of the shows, an evil character and a young boy are fighting with lightsabers until Control Freak kicks the bad guy off the ledge. Then, Control Freak turns to the boy and repeats the famous quote, "I am your father."
    • When the Titans arrive in the same episode, Beast Boy attempts to use the Force on the robots that attempted to attack them.
    • When Beast Boy rants about his love for Clash of the Planets, most of the characters he talks about resemble characters from Star Wars. The series itself is supposed to parody Star Wars.
    • When Control Freak is defeated, the main character of Clash of the Planets hugs a robot that has the head of R2-D2 and a body of C-3PO.
  • In their fight in Clash of the Planets, Control Freak makes a Dragon Ball Z reference charging up a laser in his hands and screaming like they do in the show.
  • Cyborg mentions that they are in the first episode of the fourth season of Clash of the Planets. This is the first episode of the fourth season for Teen Titans.

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