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The story begins with an orange space ship crashing into Earth just outside of Jump City. Out pops a green dog who runs and licks the camera with his long, alien tongue.Every Dog Has His Day is an episode of season 2 of Teen Titans. It premiered on January 31, 2004.

Synopsis for "Every Dog Has His Day"

The story begins with an orange space ship crashing into Earth just outside of Jump City. Out pops a green dog who runs and licks the camera with his long, alien tongue.

In Titans Tower, Cyborg is working on the T-Car. Beast Boy sneaks up on Cyborg and startles him. Beast Boy offers his assistance but ends up staining the T-Car with a blow torch. The frustrated Cyborg tells Beast Boy to go do something else.

Outside on the training grounds, Robin is practicing his fighting skills. When Beast Boy asks if Robin needs a "work-out buddy," Robin politely declines, saying how the routine he's practicing is supposed to be solo. Beast Boy walks away disappointed.

In Raven's room, she is meditating with Starfire. Beast Boy disturbs their meditation. They kick him out and Beast Boy's smile depresses into a frown.

Beast Boy walks downtown and notices two girls giggling at the pizza parlor. They catch his eye and he runs to flirt with them. As Beast Boy begins to flirt, he accidentally slides his hand on their pizza and falls onto the table. The girls laugh at him and walk away.

As Beast Boy gets up, he notices the two girls laughing and petting a brown dog. Beast Boy realizes that, if he wants attention, he can just become a dog. Beast Boy transforms into a mut and runs over to the girls. They shoo him away because of his smell and because he is green. Dog Beast Boy whimpers away, not even getting affection as a dog.

The story shifts to the alien dog that escaped before. The space shifts finds the green alien dog and begins to chase it. The alien shows it's skill by jumping large gaps and running faster than the space ship.

In Titans Tower, an alert goes off, warning about the space ships. The Titans, missing Beast Boy, gear up and move out.

In the park, Beast Boy, still in dog form, whimpers away. Suddenly, he bumps into the similar-looking green alien dog. The two are dazed from their collision but the alien dog makes its escape first. The space ship comes flying in and abducts Beast Boy, thinking he is the other alien dog. The hero drops his T-Communicator on the ground.

On the space ship, a large rock alien comes over from the shadows and chides Beast Boy, thinking he is the alien dog. Beast Boy transforms and tries to talk his way out of the situation, but the alien does not let him go.

In the park, the Titans are investigating the abduction that took place. Starfire finds Beast Boy's communicator and says that Beast Boy was abducted. Suddenly, the alien dog leaps out and tackles Raven. The dog begins to lick her face and run off. All of the Titans assume that the dog is Beast Boy being annoying and follow him.

A montage begins with each Titan being outsmarted by the alien dog at each of Beast Boy's hang-outs.

The Titans regroup in a dark alley where they last saw the dog. Robin reminds them that they don't want to hurt him. The Titans find the alien dog in a trash can and, still thinking it is Beast Boy, steadily approaches. The dog bumps and spits out an entire car bumper. The Titans are confused. The dog then extends its tongue a great length to lick Raven in the face. The alien dog then jumps into a sewer grate. The Titans now realize that that isn't Beast Boy.

On the space ship, Beast Boy tries to fight the collar he is trapped in. The alien introduces himself as Soto. The alien shows that he is not very bright. Beast Boy tries to transform to break out of the collar, but the collar adapts to whatever animal he is. Soto is entertained by Beast Boy's transformations and joyfully claps. Soto feeds Beast Boy an assortment of alien fruits and demands Beast Boy to transform again. Beast Boy makes a deal with Soto that, if he changes, Soto will let the hero go. Soto accepts and Beast BOy transforms into a giraffe. Soto demands Beast Boy to change again, but the hero declines, reminding him about the deal. Soto, mad, pushes a button on his remote and Beast Boy's collar shocks him. Beast Boy transforms a few more times before Soto mentions that they are going to drive back to his planet far, far away.

Back with the other Titans, they find Soto's dog and follow it. The Titans understand the entire story now and think if a plan. They decide, to catch the dog, they need some bait. They all look at Raven.

Out of the alley, Soto's Dog sees Raven (the bait) and rushes towards her. Suddenly, Starfire flies in and traps the alien dog in one of Cyborg's gadget containers. The dog can't get out.

As the Titans try to decide how to find Beast Boy using the dog, the alien dog begins to talk. He talks politely and suggests that they can help each other. The dog says he didn't talk earlier because he was having too much fun playing with the heroes.

On Soto's ship, he begins to set-up for take off. As the ship takes off, Beast Boy loses hope of ever getting off the ship. Suddenly, it is attacked and the ship loses control. It is the Titans attacking the ship!

The Titans get the ship to dock again, and Soto jumps out. He prepares to fight the teens for Beast Boy.

After a long fight, the two sides are at a stand-off. Suddenly, Beast Boy comes in as an elephant and knocks Soto to the ground. All of the Titans beat down on Soto until he hits the ground and begins to cry.

Suddenly, Soto's dog comes out of nowhere, puts the shock collar on Soto, and demands him to sit. Soto says that he will be the dog now and Soto's dog can be the master. The two aliens get into his ship and fly off. The day is saved.

The Titans begin to say how happy they are for Beast Boy to be back. They agree to go out for some pizza, but Beast Boy says that he's had enough attention for one day. The story ends.

Appearing in "Every Dog Has His Day"

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  • Soto
  • Dog

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  • T-Car
  • Soto's Space Ship
  • B-Ped (mentioned)


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  • The license plate that the alien dog ate reads "CUPL 23."
  • The loading screen for Soto's ship is a parody of the game Pac-Man.
  • Soto's dog is officially listed in the credits as "Alien Dog."

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