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One stormy night in a Jump City video store, a villain named Control Freak is terrorising the store. His motivation for attacking the store, he says, is because they did not include Warp Trek 5 on their "Favorite Rentals" list.

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Fear Itself is an episode of season 2 of Teen Titans. It premiered on February 7, 2004.

Synopsis for "Fear Itself"

One stormy night in a Jump City video store, a villain named Control Freak is terrorising the store. His motivation for attacking the store, he says, is because they did not include Warp Trek 5 on their "Favorite Rentals" list.

Suddenly, the Teen Titans bash through the doors. As Control Freak gloats about himself, the Titans don't take him very seriously. Control Freak demands respect and then uses his reality-altering remote control to turn a garbage can into a large, hulking monster. The monster prepares to eat Raven.

As the trash can begins to eat the hero, Cyborg tackles it and begins to punch it on the ground. The Titans charge after Control Freak, but the villain has already awakened several video shelves and a samurai standee with his remote.

A fight begins between the now-animate objects and the Teen Titans. After multiple objects are defeated, Beast Boy takes a moment to admire the new "Wicked Scary" movie standee. Control Freak also admires the promotional art, until he animates it with his remote. Beast Boy runs away as the green, standee monster chases him.

The fight continues a little longer until Robin throws birdarangs at the ceiling sprinklers. As the sprinklers begin to shoot water, the objects begin to die out themselves. Robin holds the defeated Control Freak and confiscates his remote.

Beast Boy notices a "Wicked Scary" video tape on the ground. He brings the tape to the broken cashier table and begins to look for his rental card. The terrified woman simply gives the movie to Beast Boy.

In Titans Tower, Robin places Control Freak's remote inside his evidence museum. Suddenly, Beast Boy's voice sounds over the microphone. Emergency!

In the main room, Robin reports in, only to find out that Beast Boy was simply setting up for movie night. Robin is at first mad, but cools off and sits down. Beast Boy introduces the movie "Wicked Scary." As the legend goes, the movie is cursed. Raven interrupts him. Beast Boy puts in the tape, and they begin to watch.

After the movie is over, all of the Titans comment how terrifying it was except for Raven. When Beast Boy asks for her opinion, she shoots him down and says that she doesn't get scared.

Later that night, Raven wakes when she hears a woman scream down stairs. She runs to the main room to find all the Titans there as well. Robin asks if they left the movie on by mistake, but Starfire says that the movie was in the box all night.

Suddenly, the lights turn off. Robin says it was probably the storm until a long, green tentacle grabs Robin's shoulder. Robin tells Beast Boy that the joke isn't funny, but Cyborg shines his flashlight in that direction to find the terrifying monster from the movie.

The Titans all attempt to fight it, but the monster is too strong. To top it off, Raven has for some reason lost her powers.

The monster suddenly vanishes. Robin claims that Control Freak must have escaped and used his confiscated remote to make the monster real again. Robin orders them to split up, but Beast Boy says, if they split up, the monster will eat them one-by-one.

As the team investigates, the monster attacks again. Beast Boy is grabbed and taken into the darkness. Robin chases after his friend, but, by the time he opens the door, Beast Boy is gone.

The remaining Titans find themselves in the evidence room. Robin notices that Control Freak's remote is in the same place he left it. The Titan realizes exactly what's going on. As he is about to blurt it out, the monster grabs him from the darkness. Only three Titans remain.

The three search the entire tower, except for the basement. When the enter the basement, Starfire notices a pack of rats. When Raven dismisses it, thousands of demon rats begin to attack the Titans. The heroes try to run, but Starfire is not quick enough. By the time the other two notice Starfire being swallowed by the pack of rats, they are halfway up the stairs.

Ravne and Cyborg move on without their friend. When Cyborg tells Raven to be brave, Raven angrily stomps ahead. While her back is turned, Cyborg is silently grabbed by the monster. Raven is alone.

Several monsters chase Raven to the main room where she is ambushed by all of them: rats, movie monsters, and a pterodactyl. Raven admits her fears and then uses all of her powers in a final stand. All of the monsters vanish. Raven lay on the ground unconscious.

When she awakes, all of the Titans are standing over her. Robin says that, when Raven wouldn't admit her fears, the fear found another way out: through her powers. None of it was real. The Titans look on as the sun rises.

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  • The movie that Control Freak mentions "Warp Trek" is a pun of the movie series Star Trek.

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