The story begins with a new motorcycle villain Johnny Rancid riding around town shooting street lights. Robin arrives on his motorcycle and the two begin to race each other. Johnny wins the first fight by knocking Robin off his motocycle.

Quote1 I'm you! Another you! From another universe! Quote2
Larry the Titan

Appearing in "Fractured"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Cyborg (Flashback and main story)
  • Starfire (Flashback and main story)
  • Beast Boy (Flashback and main story)
  • Raven (Flashback and main story)


  • Johnny Rancid (First appearance)
  • Gigantic Dinosaur (Single appearance) (Destroyed)

Other Characters:




Synopsis for "Fractured"

The story begins with a new motorcycle villain Johnny Rancid riding around town shooting street lights. Robin arrives on his motorcycle and the two begin to race each other. Johnny wins the first fight by knocking Robin off his motocycle.

Robin gets back on and continues to pursue the villain. Shier race leads onto the bridge where Johnny begins doing stunts. Robin tries to keep up to the villain, but his limits are strained too much. Robin ends up crashing, and Johnny gets away.

In Titans Tower, Raven is healing Robin. She says that she's done all that she can, but Robin is still left with a broken arm. Robin is frustrated that he crashed and let Johnny escape. Unlike what his team expected, Robin agrees to staying home and not finding Rancid. The Titans are surprised.

Suddenly, Robin randomly begins having a seizure. Before his team gets the chance to help, a little man plops out of Robin's head. He introduces himself as Nosyarg Kcid or Larry. The little man is a tiny, chubby version of Robin with a high squeaky voice. He is Robin from another dimension. Larry has been watching Robin from his dimension for year and, when Robin broke his arm, Larry wanted to poof there and help out. Larry can bend reality in Robin's world. The alarm then sounds, Johnny Rancid is attacking again. The four Titans move out, leaving Robin and Larry to watch television.

When they're alone, Larry attempts to use his magic finger to fix Robin's arm. Robin doesn't trust Larry enough and the two get in a comic fight. Robin win but at a price. Robin breaks Larry's finger by accident and all of reality begins to break.

In the city, the four Titans are chasing Rancid when a bright light appears. They all fall to the ground and pass out. When they wake up, all of reality is broken. The entire world looks like a four-year-old drew it with a crayon.

When Beast Boy awakens, he find that the reality change messed up his body. Beast Boy no longer has a mouth and cannot talk. The hero then unrealistically steals Raven's mouth and begins to talk through that. In this alternate reality, nothing has to make sense.

Robin and Larry fall from the sky and land on Beast Boy. Larry admits that the fight accidentally broke his finger and reality. Robin demands Raven to fix Larry's finger. Raven takes Cyborg's mouth and says that her magic should not be mixed with Larry's. It could be deadly is she does. They all decide to go to Titans Tower and fix everything. A bump in their plan occurs when a gigantic dinosaur begins to chase them.

After a long chase, they finally make it to the tower. Beast Boy finds his mouth, but puts it on wrong. He begins to talk in a different language.

On the top of the tower, a gigantic stream of light is being emitted. It is the source of the broken reality. Cyborg asks how to turn it off, and Johnny Rancid exposes himself on the roof. The villain jumps into the light. Johnny Rancid is now the master of reality.

Johnny pops out of the light charge with evil. The entire city is now changed to be dark and gloomy. Rancid flies into the sky to go wreck some havoc.

Robin, even though he is injured, gets onto his motorcycle, which Larry previously fixed. The motorcycle can now fly and has a sidecar for Robin's number one fan.

In the sky, Johnny and Robin have an air fight on their motorcycles. After a long fight, Robin and Larry win. The defeated villain loses his reality bending powers. Larry restores reality to normal.

On Titans Tower in normal reality, Robin gives Larry another shot of restoring his arm. Larry is overjoyed and focuses with his magic finger. Larry shoots, and Robin's arm is magically restored. Robin goes to thank Larry, but it turns out that Larry sent Robin to an alternate dimension. Larry apologizes and the story ends.


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  • This title sequence was hacked by Larry the Titan. Larry sings the theme song in Japanese and constantly rides his motocycle around the screen.
  • The credits for this episode are reused from the episode Forces of Nature. Larry and Johnny Rancid are not listed among the cast, but Lightning and Thunder are.

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