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The story begins with Robin staring at the computer. It's late at night, and Robin's doing deep investigation. Cyborg walks in and asks why Robin is still up. The Boy Wonder is watching the computer. Cyborg turns on

Quote1 I've been fighting Slade for so long. I guess it's just hard to let it go, but sometimes I feel like I'm the only one still looking for him. The only one who can stop him. Quote2

Haunted is an episode of season 3 of Teen Titans. It premiered on October 2, 2004.

Synopsis for "Haunted"

The story begins with Robin staring at the computer. It's late at night, and Robin's doing deep investigation. Cyborg walks in and asks why Robin is still up. The Boy Wonder is watching the computer. Cyborg turns on the tower's security system and gets ready for bed. Robin continues to watch the computer.

In the basement, Robin pulls out a cardboard box, opens it, and begins examining all of the evidence he had collected from his dead foe Slade. As Robin picks up one of Slade's masks, he begins to cough from the dust it has collected already. Cyborg follows Robin downstairs and turns on the light. Cyborg reminds his friend that Slade is dead. Robin isn't sure. Slade's body was never found. Suddenly, the alarm sounds and the two rush upstairs.

Somewhere else, Cinderblock is terrorizing police officers and bashing cars. The Titans arrive and begin to fight the monster. Cinderblock grabs Robin and throws him into a nearby forest, alone. The other four Titans continue to fight Cinderblock by themselves.

In the forest, Robin picks himself up. He encounters his thought-to-be-dead foe Slade who begins to run. The hero tries to hit him with birdarangs, but misses Slade every time. The villain is fast. It begins to rain. Slade mocks Robin and the hero tries to hit Slade but the villain is too fast.

Slade pauses the fighting so Robin can catch his breath. In the pause, Slade says that he has hidden three seismic generators around the city. They will trigger sometime tonight and will create an earthquake so big it will destroy the city. Robin continues to attack.

The two freefall from the tree they are on and, when Robin reaches the ground, Slade has vanished.

The rest of the Titans arrive and complain that Robin ditched them for a "nature hike." Beast Boy complains that he caught a cold in the rain. Robin explains Slade's plan. Cyborg is pretty skeptical of Slade's return from the dead, but they believe Robin and try to find the generators. Robin designates where the Titans will look for the generators: Cyborg, the bridge. Raven, the park. Beast Boy, the pier. Starfire and Robin are going after Slade.

Starfire and Robin continue their search for Slade through the woods. The rest of the Titans, in their locations, can't find the generators. Robin commands them to continue looking. Frustrated, Robin runs off without Starfire.

Robin finds Slade who is waiting for him. The two fight with Slade dealing all the damage. Robin didn't get a single punch on him. As Starfire approaches, Slade flees. Robin commands Starfire to chase Slade, but she doesn't notice him quick enough. Slade gets away.

Robin walks up to Starfire and forcefully grabs her arm. He demands to know why she didn't attack. She cowers as her friend hurts her arm. Starfire apologizes that she did not see the villian.

Beast Boy, Raven, and Cyborg regroup saying that they didn't find any generators. Starfire joins them, saying how Robin went to search by himself. He's mad at them all. The four Titans agree they need to find Robin.

In Slade's old hideout, it is still broken and destroyed. Robin looks around before seeing Slade making another escape. Robin chases Slade and the two temporarily stops. Robin asks why Starfire couldn't see Slade. The villain says that he is using cloaking technology. This time, Slade wants a fair fight. One-on-One. The two fight, Slade winning badly. Slade takes the offensive and beats down on the boy.

With the Titans, Cyborg uses Robin's communicator to locate Robin in Slade's hideout. They hear Robin fighting in the room over. They arrive and see Robin badly beaten. He is broken and bleeding. Robin relays to them that Slade is using a cloaking device so they can't see him. Raven points out that, if Slade was using a cloaking device, how is Robin able to see him? Robin doesn't have time for the science and demands them to find the generators. Cyborg says there are no generators. Robin becomes antagonistic to his team members, takes out his birdarang, and threatens to hurt anyone who gets in way. Suddenly, Robin is shot. Starfire shot him with a starbolt. Robin hits the ground and passes out.

Robin awakens in Titans Tower tied to a hospital bed. He is being medically evaluated. Robin tries to break out but can't. He hears his team talking about him in the other room. Then, Slade appears. Robin can't move, and his greatest foe approaches him with a taser knife.

In the other room, Starfire begs the others for an explanation. Beast Boy is starting to believe that Slade really is invisible to them, but Cyborg is unconvinced. Suddenly, they notice Robin's heart rate explode. His blood pressure is off the charts! The heart rate goes flat liner.

The team runs into Robin's hospital room and finds Robin has escaped through the air duct. Beast Boy tries to follow him, but Robin activates the Emergency Lock-Down. Nothing can get in or out. The four can't get out of the hospital room.

Raven mediates and her soul is able to contact Robin. They have a conversation in his mind. Raven goes through Robin's memories. She sees Robin's apprenticeship with Slade and Robin's parents death. Raven takes control of Robin's mind so that she, herself, can see Slade through his eyes. Raven looks around the air duct with Robin's eyes when suddenly Robin is punched by Slade. She has seen the villian herself.

In the basement, Robin is defeated and dying, but Slade continues to kid the boy around. Robin realizes that his friends are right. Slade isn't real. He's just a figment of his imagination when he's in the dark. Slade prepares to finish the Boy Wonder, but Robin turns on the emergency lights and the villain vanishes. Starfire and the rest of the heroes arrive. Robin collapses to the floor.

Back in his hospital bed, Cyborg scans Robin and finds that Slade planted a chemical agent in his mask as one final trick. The dust that Robin was exposed to in the beginning of the story made his hallucinate. Cyborg clears the chemical agent out of Robin, and the Boy Wonder checks to make sure he's okay. He turns off the lights. Slade doesn't appear. He's finally cured. Cyborg tells Robin to go to bed. The Titan obeys and leaves.

Beast Boy, still sick, then asks if they can cure him. The girls laugh and then Cyborg examines the chemical agent that infected Robin. It wasn't automatic. It was triggered by an outside source.

In the basement, Slade's mask is still sitting in the box. The light is still flickering. Suddenly, the eye on the mask glows red with evil. The story ends.

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  • Batman (Flashback only) (Behind the scenes) (First appearance)





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  • In Robin's mind, Raven sees a flashback of the Flying Grayson's death. This, along with other facts, proves that this Robin is Dick Grayson.

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