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The story begins with Raven waiting at a bus station in the middle of no where. She calls Robin, but Beast Boy picks up. Beast Boy reminds Raven that she has to wait until the superhero team arrives so she can transport them to the safe house. The team arrives by bus. It is revealed that the team isHide and Seek is an episode of season 5 of Teen Titans. It premiered on November 12, 2005.

Synopsis for "Hide and Seek"

The story begins with Raven waiting at a bus station in the middle of no where. She calls Robin, but Beast Boy picks up. Beast Boy reminds Raven that she has to wait until the superhero team arrives so she can transport them to the safe house. The team arrives by bus. It is revealed that the team is a group of children.

Raven, frustrated that she has gotten stuck with baby sitting, asks for a new mission. Beast Boy tells Raven that everyone else is on their own missions. Raven has to do this. Raven hesitantly agrees.

The leader, a young girl, introduces herself as Melvin. She is with the rest of her team: a young boy named Timmy and an even younger boy named Teether. Timmy immediately begins to cry when no one offers to hold his hand. Raven tells Melvin to hold Timmy's hand, but Melvin responds by saying she is holding her imaginary friend Bobby's hand. The train arrives and they all get on.

On the train, Raven closes her eyes for a minute to meditate, she reopens her eyes to find the children have run off without a sound. Raven now has to go find them on the large train.

In the next cabin over, Raven finds Teether chewing on a stool. She manages to pop him off, but not before he eats part of the chair. Raven heads into the next cabin and finds Timmy having a tantrum in the middle of the floor. The civilians are falling to the groud from the sound of his screaming. Raven picks up the boy and he instantly shuts up. In the third cabin, Raven finds Melvin happily sitting on a bunch of crates. Raven asks why Melvin ran off, and she responds by saying Bobby didn't fit in the other cabin. Raven told the girl to leave Bobby in that cabin. Melvin frustratingly agrees.

After Timmy is done using the bathroom, the four are finally returning to their seats. Suddenly, Monsieur Malah attacks the train and demands the children be given to him. Raven and the young heroes make a run for it.

After a brief fight, Raven is knocked to the floor by Malah. The monkey approaches the children. Melvin screams for Bobby, her imaginary friend, for help. Malah is then struck by an invisible force through several cabins. The cart they are riding then unattaches itself from the train, ditching Malah.

The four get off the train and Raven says that she will fly them over the mountain in their path. Melvin says that that won't work because Teether's stomach gets dizzy when he flies. Not wanting baby vomit on her shoes, Raven says they will walk.

That night, after much walking, Raven and the children stop at an abandoned log cabin. Raven tries to feed Teether, but he'd much rather eat a boot than peas and carrots. Raven walks outside to "feed" Bobby.

Raven contacts Beast Boy for some back-up. Still, no one can help her. Beast Boy gives her some advice on kids: make faces, tell jokes. Raven, doesn't appreciate it, and hangs up on her fellow Titan.

Inside, Melvin tells Raven that Teether has gas and that Timmy's blankey is ripped. Raven hesitantly helps the boys and they thank her. Raven then attempts to tell them a bed time story, but only freaks out the children with her tales of her father Trigon. The kids somehow fall asleep.

The next day, the team finds a snow zipline and gets on. While they are on it, they are attacked by Malah who has finally found them.

After another fight, Teether bite the rope they are being held on. Malah flies in one direction and the heroes in another. The heroes end up sliding down the icy hill below them and into a nearby forest. They spend no time to recollect themselves and continue moving.

Later that night, they finally arrive at the drop off. Raven makes a comment about Bobby not being real and Melvin becomes offended. She doesn't run far when Raven catches up. Raven says that Bobby isn't real. Melvin is just using her psychic powers to move things. She needs to take responsibility for her powers. Raven picks up the screaming child and walks back.

Raven rings the doorbell for the safehouse to reveal several monks. The lead monk thanks Raven for taking the journey and picks up the children. Before the monk picks up Teether, the baby gives Raven his binky. The children heroes go inside the safehouse and the door closes shut.

As Raven is walking away, she hears Timmy and Teether screaming at each other. Everything is normal. Then, everything goes quiet. Too quiet. Raven runs back and busts through the doors. The monks are on the ground knocked out. The Titans rushes into the safehouse deeper to find the children captured by Malah. He is making his escape!

Raven is unable to stop the monkey and lay on the ground unconscious. Malah prepares to finish off the hero when Timmy uses his super-voice power to distract the monkey. Teether then uses his ability to spit fire chunks to further distract Malah. Suddenly, the monkey is struck by what Melvin again claims to be Bobby.

The children rush to Raven and manage to wake her up. Melvin orders Bobby to attack and the imaginary friend materializes. Bobby is real! He is shown to be a large teddy bear with superhuman strength. Bobby beats up Malah as Raven regains her strength. The villain retreats soon after.

Raven thanks Bobby and the children for their help. She then hands the children her communicator, making them honorary Titans. The five share one last hug and the story ends.

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