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The story begins with Gizmo hacking the History Museum's security system. Once he is finished, the rest of the H.I.V.E. Five jump through the ceiling and begin stealing artifacts. On their way out, they are attacked by a hero who is moving so fast that they can't even see him. The hero gives [[Jinx Lightspeed is an episode of season 5 of Teen Titans. It premiered on December 3, 2005.

Synopsis for "Lightspeed"

The story begins with Gizmo hacking the History Museum's security system. Once he is finished, the rest of the H.I.V.E. Five jump through the ceiling and begin stealing artifacts. On their way out, they are attacked by a hero who is moving so fast that they can't even see him. The hero gives Jinx a single rose, but she doesn't even know who he is.

In the H.I.V.E. base, Billy Numerous is playing videogames with clones of himself. Gizmo and Jinx are trying to determine who the hero that attacked them was. They predict it is not a Titan because they are fighting the Brotherhood of Evil and it can't be Titans East because they are in Steel City. They give up their efforts for the moment to attack the town. They split up and begin their crime spree.

Kyd Wykkyd and See-More attack an armored truck carrying bags of money. When the truck is flipped over, they begin taking the money, but are attacked by the speedy hero again. They don't even get a chance to fight before the hero takes the money from them.

In an electronic store, Gizmo is easily walking away with a cart full of electronics. The hero again shows up, replaces all of the electronics the kid just stole, and then pushes Gizmo out of the store in a runaway shopping cart.

Billy Numerous attacks a hockey rink where children are playing. He and his clones begin to joke around until the hero again comes out of no where and beats the villain.

The hero then finds Mammoth who walks out of a convenience store with a single candy bar. As Mammoth is about to bite into the candy, the hero swipes it out of his hand and runs away. Mammoth angrily shouts that he paid for that.

The H.I.V.E. Five are talking about this new hero in their base. The men are frustrated at him, but Jinx says that it is good that he came. If they catch him and turn him in to the Brotherhood of Evil, they might be granted membership. The men still say that they don't need the Brotherhood, and Jinx angrily stomps out to find the hero herself. Billy Numerous then suggests that the guys build a fort out of sofa cushions, which all the men happily agree to.

Back in the museum, Jinx goes back to take the artifact that she lost the other night. She easily defeats the guards and, just as she is about to take it, she meets the hero who has been stopping them recently. He introduces himself as Kid Flash. The two of them, instead of fighting, begin having a nice friendly conversation. Kid Flash begins to convert Jinx to a hero even though she says there is no hope of that.

When Kid Flash offers his hand, Jinx changes her mind and zaps the hero. He finds himself surrounded by the rest of the H.I.V.E. Five who mock him. Kid Flash reminds them of his speed and he runs around all of them, not taking a hit until he is knocked down by See-More. After a long fight, Kid Flash trips himself up literally when he falls over a puddle of water. Jinx knocks him out using the wet floor sign that she happened to find.

Kid Flash wakes up to find himself in a cage in the H.I.V.E. base. As the villains discuss what to do with him, Kid Flash runs out of his cage and returns carry a bag of chips. He sits back down in his original position showing he can leave the cage whenever he wants and he's just humoring the villains. Kid Flash questions their team name, asking why they are the H.I.V.E. Five when there are six of them. The men can't think of a good explanation and run off to watch television.

With the guys gone, Kid Flash begins to flirt with Jinx. She doesn't notice at first but then, when she realizes, throws a sandwich in his face. She says she has plans for Kid Flash. Jinx tells the hero that she is going to hand him over to the Brotherhood of Evil. Kid Flash says that she shouldn't get mixed up with them. She refuses and calls the Brotherhood on the computer.

Madame Rouge picks up and demands to know why she was called. Jinx begins by saying that she is a big fan, but Rouge shoots her down and again demands to know why she was called. Jinx announces that they have caught Kid Flash. Rouge is slightly impressed and tells Jinx to not feed him, talk to him, and to put him in a level four containment cell. Jinx, embarrassed that she has already broken all the rules already, laughs and agrees to the rules. Rouge hangs up and says that she is on her way.

Jinx exclaims with excitement and turns around to find that Kid Flash has escaped.

Jinx tells Gizmo that he needs to build a level four containment cage. The boy yells with frustration saying that that's hard even for a genius like him. Suddenly, the lights bust off and Kid Flash goes running by them. He is still in the building and he's tearing it apart. Jinx demands that they split up.

In the power room, Kyd Wykkyd sneaks up on the hero and they temporarily fight before Flash runs away.

In the workshop, Kid Flash sneaks up to Gizmo, in the process of building the level four containment chamber that Rouge ordered. Flash takes Gizmo's wrench and begins to break all of his machine and the runs away.

After more destruction, Kid Flash runs to Jinx's room and begins to go through her notebook. He compliments her unicorn drawings. The angered Jinx shoots at him but she misses every time. Kid Flash runs out and Jinx realized that she destroyed her own room.

The H.I.V.E. reassemble in the main room, broken and destroyed. Jinx says that it is worst day ever, but that's when Madame Rouge enters. Rouge expresses her disappointment and mocks the teens. She says that Jinx will never be like her. Rouge walks out of the building announcing her own hunt for Kid Flash. Jinx decides on a new plan: find Kid Flash before Rouge does. The rest of the team refuses, and Jinx goes by herself. She takes Gizmo's taser and leaves.

Jinx walks in the street alone before Kid Flash begins to talk to her again. Their conversation is short when Madame Rouge interrupts and grabs Kid Flash's foot. A fight begins between Kid Flash and Madame Rouge. Flash's powers are tested since Rouge is almost as fast as him. Kid Flash begins to tire in a storage building and he hides in one of the units.

Up in the air, See-More is playing look-out for Jinx. He gives away Kid Flash's hideout and she goes after him.

In the storage unit, Kid Flash continues his conversation that they started in the street. He tells her that she doesn't need to hurt people to feel good about herself. She doesn't believe him and tasers him to the ground. She drags him out of the unit to give to Rouge.

Outside the unit, Kinx shows Rouge the beaten hero. Rouge backhands Jinx, saying how Rouge did most of the work. Rouge criticizes Jinx's position as a villain and demands Kid Flash. Enraged at Rouge, Jinx tells her to catch him herself and sets Kid Flash free. Flash runs off as Jinx and Rouge fight. Rouge smirks at the young villain and says that they will be in touch.

Rouge walks away and See-More floats down. He asks if Jinx wants to go rob a video store, but she declines. She begins walking away when she finds another single rose in a white vase. She takes the rose, smiles, and Kid Flash is shown running away in the distance.

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  • This episode originally aired in the United States on Saturday, December 3rd, 2005 on Cartoon Network.
  • The H.I.V.E. Five break the Fourth Wall during the opening credits.

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