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The Titans awaken from a deep sleep tied to different chairs. They are in an unknown location. Suddenly, a red-haired slender Englishman slides down the railing and introduces himself as Mad Mod and they are in his own custom school. Class is in session.

Quote1 That's right, lads and luvvies. You're the only students at Mad Mod's Institute for Bratty Teenage Do-Gooders. And it's high-time someone taught you sproges a lesson. Quote2
Mad Mod

Mad Mod is an episode of season 1 of Teen Titans. It premiered on September 27, 2003.

Synopsis for "Mad Mod"

The Titans awaken from a deep sleep tied to different chairs. They are in an unknown location. Suddenly, a red-haired slender Englishman slides down the railing and introduces himself as Mad Mod and they are in his own custom school. Class is in session.

As Mad Mod nears them, the Titans find that none of them can use their powers in the chairs they are in. Mad Mod tells Starfire that the chairs are custom made to stop any attempt of using their powers. As Mad Mod puts his cane near Robin, he says that he doesn't plan to finish them off so quickly. He wouldn't go through all the trouble of building the school and knocking them out if that was his plan. Mad Mod says his plan is to teach the teens some respect, not hurt them. Suddenly, the bell rings and Mad Mod sends each Titan off to a different location in the building.

In Robin's classroom, Mad Mod's face is drawn on the chalkboard and announces the incoming hypno-screen. Robin fights the hypnosis but ends up being hypnotized by all of the circles surrounding him. As he is about to be completely hypnotized, Robin breaks out of the chair and breaks the hypno-screen. Mad Mod's disappointed voice booms over the speaker. Mod is not finished just yet. Suddenly, a large rocket pops out of the screen and is pointed at the Boy Wonder. As the rocket shoots off, it just nicks Robin but he gets back up soon after.

In another room, Robin encounters Mad Mod face to face. Mad Mod defies the laws of physics and walks on the ceiling, unable to be touched by Robin. As chase ensues with Mod constantly beating Robin and the laws of physics by running through optical illusions.

The chase comes to an end as the two enter the main hall. Mod is at the top stair and, as Robin is running up, the stairs become an escalator going in the opposite direction. As Robin gets to the top of the stairs and goes through the doors, he finds he is back in the main hall again with no sign of Mad Mod. Suddenly, Robin hears Starfire scream.

Robin tracks Starfire's location to be in the library maze. At the end, Starfire is fighting hypnosis. As Starfire is about to be crushed by an oversize "overdue" stamper, Robin jumps in and rescues Starfire. He untangles her from the chair. As they make their escape, flying exploding books chase them and begin exploding in their paths.

The two Titans make it to the door and find themselves in another of Mad Mod's traps. The busts of the villain show their hidden weapons and attack the heroes.

The two escape to the Biology room where they find a hypnotized Beast-Boy. He is sitting in a chair, hypnotized, wearing a dunce cap. Robin frees the green hero, but Beast Boy is still in his hypnotized state. On the instant, all of the test-tubes over flow with acid and the room quickly begins to fill with the acid. Robin hands the still dazed Beast Boy to Starfire to carry. The Titans escape the room alive.

In the Main Hall, Robin and Starfire try to break Beast Boy from the trans. A door is heard shutting and the three Titans hide. Beast Boy babbles in his hypnosis and Starfire puts her hand in front of his drooling mouth. As the shadowy figure nears, Robin and Starfire attack, only for the people to be Cyborg and Raven. The Titans recap their experiences.

Cyborg notices the hypnotized Beast Boy crawling around on the ground like a worm. Robin and Starfire say they couldn't snap him out of it. Cyborg has an idea and burps in Beast Boy's ear. Beast Boy chuckles and the trans is broken. Beast Boy questions what happened to him.

With all the Titans present, they think of a strategy to get out. Cyborg suggests blasting through all the walls until they make an exit themselves. Robin says the entire place is probably booby-trapped so that wouldn't work. Raven and Robin both know they have to beat Mad Mod to get out. Robin says that they have to get to his cane. That's the source of the English villain's powers.

As Beast Boy courageously begins to walk away from the group, he is hypnotized again by a booby-trap hypo-screen. Mad Mod appears and instigates a chase. As Raven, Cyborg, and Robin pursue, Starfire is left with the hypnotized Beast Boy. Cyborg screams to her to make him laugh.

Starfire at first tries telling Beast Boy a few of the jokes from her planet, but they are unsuccessful. Then, Starfire tries to say "boogers" and Beast Boy giggles out of his hypnosis. He complains about being hypnotized again.

Now, all the Titans are chasing Mad Mod. A montage of Mad Mod defeating the Titans by using the cartoon environment happens.

After the montage, the Titans open a secret door and find a door to the outside world. Birds are chirping. The Titans look on in disbelief as they near it. If course, it is a trick and it was simply a screen. The heroes fall through to find themselves back exactly where they started: the Main Hall.

Suddenly, Mad Mod appears again. He says that the teens will have to repeat the entire lesson. The wall break off to reveal hypno-screens and Beast Boy is again hypnotized. As Mad Mod statues attack the Titans, Robin orders them to get Mad Mod's cane. Starfire is about to hit Mad Mod when the floor rises and protects him. The villain is still untouched.

The fight continues as Raven protects the hypnotized Beast Boy. Cyborg appears and Raven asks for help waking him up. Cyborg licks his finger and gives Raven a wet willy. Beast Boy immediately wakes up and, again, yells that he was hypnotized again.

One by one, each Titan is taken down again. Cyborg is tasered and is knocked out. Raven is grabbed by a nearby chair. Beast Boy is hypnotized again, even when he tried his hardest to avoid it. Starfire is grabbed by a nearby chair as well. Their entire mission looks like it about to happen all over again!

Robin is busy fighting Mad Mod at the top though. He hasn't been captured yet. As Robin lunges for the cane, he finds that the villain is really just a hologram. Robin jumps through the hypno-screen and begins to pull the wires around it. Slowly, all of Mad Mod's gags are collapsing, even the hologram.

In the control room, the real Mad Mod, who is revealed to be an elderly balding man, is captured by Robin.

The Titans find the escape route and are finally free. Starfire complains to the others that she has tried every funny thing she knows to wake Beast Boy, but he won't wake from his trans. Raven makes a sarcastic comment and Beast Boy laughs out of his hypnosis. The Titans victoriously walk away with the captured old man Mad Mod.

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  • Mad Mod's Cane (First appearance) (Hologram)
  • Mad Mod's Chairs (First appearance)
  • Birdarang
  • Birdrope


  • Mad Mod's Moped (Single appearance) (Hologram)


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