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In a secured facility, a red power chip is floating in containment. One of Slade's robotic henchmen approach the chip and prepares to take it. As it is about to grab it, Robin arrives and kicks the robot to the grou

Quote1 Whoever Slade is, you and he are similar. Slade did not trust you, and you did not trust us. Quote2

Masks is an episode of season 1 of Teen Titans. It premiered on September 20, 2003.

Synopsis for "Masks"

In a secured facility, a red power chip is floating in containment. One of Slade's robotic henchmen approach the chip and prepares to take it. As it is about to grab it, Robin arrives and kicks the robot to the ground. The lights in the facility turn on to expose all of the Titans ready for battle. Suddenly, an army of robotic henchmen, overhearing the trouble inside, bust through the ceiling to help their fellow robot. A fight erupts and, in the commotion, a henchman manages to grab the red chip. Beast Boy and the escaping henchman temporarily fight, but the hero loses the fight and the chip to the robots. Despite the villains use of smoke grenades to escape, Robin urges the Titans to persist.

In a five hallway intersection, Robin orders the Titans to split up. When all the Titans are split, Robin, instead of taking a hallway, takes the sewer hatch on the ground.

Robin drops into the sewer and immediately notices an escaping henchman. The hero attempts to catch up, but the robot drops a grenade to close the hallway behind him. The Titan cannot break the wall of debris, and the robot, victoriously walking away, blasts a hole through a steel door to escape.

With escape almost achieved, the robot runs into Starfire who attempts to reason with the robot. The henchman is not in any mood to negoiate and shoots Starfire with a laser gun. The Titan plummets to the ground unconscious as the robot uses its jet-shoes to finally escape.

Robin, finally breaking through the debris, notices his team mate plummeting to the ground below. The Titan shoots two birdropes, one latching onto Starfire and the other latching onto the henchman. The weight of carrying two Titans is too much for the henchman's jet-shoes, and they all land on the beach below.

Starfire lands in the water and immediately wakes up. She turns and notices Robin who is interrogating the defeated henchman.

The Titan rips off the henchman's mask to find a video of Slade waiting for him inside the robotic henchman's face. It is a two way video communicator. Slade introduces himself and offers for Robin to speak to him face-to-face sometime. Robin vowes to find him. The video abruptly ends, and the robot crumbles to pieces.

Some time later, Robin becomes so consumed with finding Slade that he refuses to leave his room so he can study Slade. Starfire enters his room and asks if he would like to temporarily take a break from his studies and be with his friends. Robin, declines, and says that, because Starfire almost got seriously hurt last time, he can't rest. Robin closes the door on his friend.

Back at the secured facility, the red chip is back where it belongs. Now there are two guards standing watch for further protection. An alarm begins to sound. The guards, startled, rush to the exit to find there is no one there. The guards are confused and begin to walk back to their posts, but the door is locked behind them. The chip is left unprotected.

Inside the room, a man wearing all black with a white skull mask is standing over the chip. As soon as he grabs it, the door explodes. The guards busted their way into the room. The guards, seeing the villain, open fire, but the thief jumps into the air and vanishes into thin air. The guards look at each other puzzled.

Over the secured building, the Titans are on the roof prepared for battle. Robin, over communicator, tells Cyborg that he is busy working on a lead on Slade across town. Cyborg dismisses his friend, saying that the rest of the Titans can handle this thief.

The roof hatch explodes. The thief jumps out and introduces himself as Red X. The thief demonstrates his power to shoot "Xs" from his hands and aims it at the Titans. Red X is fast and a skilled fighter. He manages to take all of the Titans down in a matter of seconds. The thief jumps away and escapes.

In Slades lair, Red X and Slade are having a conversation over video chat. Red X shows Slade the stolen chip and offers a deal: Slade can have the chip if they can have an alliance. Slade is only slightly impressed. The villain says that, if Red X is going to be his partner, the thief will have to get a few more chips. Red X agrees.

Back at the Tower, Robin rants about how guilty he is for not being there to stop Red X. The Titans tell him not to feel bad. Red X was too good. He knew all their weaknesses. The thief probably had a gadget to beat Robin with anyway. Still frustrated, Robin goes back to work.

Late at night, Robin issues an alarm. All of the Titans arrive in the main room, but Robin is no where to be seen. Suddenly, his face appears on the monitor. He's pursuing Red X. He needs their help. The heroes move out.

At Robin's location, he is following X. However, the thief gets the upperhand by throwing a deployable net at the hero. Robin is captured inside and falls to the ground. Robin orders the Titans not to worry about him but to go after Red X.

In the train station, another fight with Red X begins. The villain attempts to use the same moves to immediately knock out each Titan again, but they came prepared. Red X is not beaten though. He still has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Red X knocks down Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven. X and Beast Boy begin to fight one-on-one until the villain beats the Titan onto the trail tracks. Before he knows it, a trail speedily approaches, and Beast Boy is caught like a deer in the head lights. Red X, luckily, finds the heart to save Beast Boy and jumps in to grab him. Neither X nor Beast Boy were injured. The Titan, confused, asks why Red X saved him, but X doesn't want to talk and kicks him to the ground. The villain escapes again.

Red X and Slade are having another video chat. Slade states how impressed he was with the beating X gave the Titans. Red X thanks the mastermind and shows him a blue chip. X asks if the audition is over. Slade states that the thief only needs to steal one more chip, a green one, to win their alliance. X agrees, and Slade leaves the chat.

Red X spins around in his chair and takes off his mask. Red X is really Robin!

In the Titans Tower main room, the four Titans are talking about Robin. Raven, Cyborg, and Beast Boy are saying that Robin has lost his grip. Starfire, however, defends him, saying he is working the hardest out of all of them to find Slade.

Starfire goes to Robin's room in an attempt to talk to him. When she enters, her friend isn't their. Confused, she accidentally touches a gadget on his coffee table. The gadget hits the ground and shows a hologram of Robin caught in a net. He is in the same position he was when he was chasing Red X last time. Confused, Starfire puts her hand through the hologram and realizes Robin is Red X.

In the third chip's location, Red X looks at the chip, prepared to take it. As he is about to, Slade appears from behind him and applauds him. Slade states that they are now officially partners.

X, before giving Slade the chips, asks what they are for. Slade isn't in any rush to tell him, since he knows that Red X is Robin. X's expression changes to a surprised one as a gadget appears from the shadows that takes the chips from Robin.

The lights turn on to reveal Slades army of robots completely surrounding Robin. The Titan in diguise prepares to fight an entire army.

Luckily, the part of the ceiling crashes in to reveal the rest of the Teen Titans. Beast Boy and Raven immediately attack the robots while Cyborg chases Red X. Slade begins to make his escape as Cyborg grabs onto Red X's cape. Unaware that Red X is Robin, Cyborg refuses to let go as Robin screams to pursue Slade. Red X rips off his mask to show he is Robin to the rest of the Titans. Cyborg, confused, lets go, and Robin goes after Slade. The four Titans are then left to fight Slade's army of robots.

On the roof, a chase begins between Slade and Robin. Finally, the two stop running to begin a fist fight. Neither of them are able to land a successful punch.

Eventually, Slade hits Robin hard enough to almost knock him off the building. As Robin is about to plummet to the street bellow, Slade grabs his arm and saves the boy. The Titan asks why, but Slade only responds that he is not through with the boy yet. The two continue to fight.

Robin makes one critical hit on Slade that knocks him to the ground. The villain loses all of the chips from the kick. On the ground, beaten, Robin walks over and takes off Slade's mask.

It is revealed that the Slade he fought was only a robot. His face, like the robotic henchman, is a two way video chat. Slade comments that they will soon meet face-to-face sometime soon. The video ends and a countdown begins. Robin jumps away in time and survives the explosion.

The rest of the Titans arrive at Robin's location. Beast Boy says, on the bright side, at least Slade didn't get the chips.

Back at Titans Tower, Robin is examining the Slade robot's mask. Starfire enters. Robin asks if she is going to yell at him, too. All the other Titans have. Starfire says she won't. She just wants to know why he didn't tell them the truth. Robin says, if he told them his plan, they would have held back in battle. Then Slade would have figured out their ruse sooner than he did. Starfire says that Robin and Slade are closer than he thinks. Slade did not trust him, and Robin does not trust the Titans. Starfire leaves, disappointed in her friend.

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