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The story begins with a battle between a large evil purple dragon and a mystical wizard. As the dragon gets the upper hand, an alarm sounds. The entire scene was simply Raven reading a novel. Raven frustratingly closes the book and leaves her room.

Quote1 I know it was all a lie, but he was the only person who ever made me feel like I wasn't...creepy. And don't try to tell me I'm not. Quote2

Spellbound is an episode of season 3 of Teen Titans. It premiered on October 9, 2004.

Synopsis for "Spellbound"

The story begins with a battle between a large evil purple dragon and a mystical wizard. As the dragon gets the upper hand, an alarm sounds. The entire scene was simply Raven reading a novel. Raven frustratingly closes the book and leaves her room.

In a playground, an evil floating heart is sucking up children. The Teen Titans arrive to fight the villain, going by the alias of Kardiak. Despite being a floating heart, Kardiak puts up a pretty good fight, defeating each Titan. Raven, in a rush to get back to her book, uses her powers to take Kardiak apart. His falling pieces accidentally fall into the sewer system. Raven runs into the T-Car and asks if they will be leaving now.

In the sewer system, Kardiak begins to slowly put himself back together.

In Titans Tower, Raven rushes to her room and begins to read the book from where she left off. She is quickly interrupted by Robin, who knocks on her bedroom door. Robin asks if she is okay, to which she quickly replies yes. Raven begins to read again, and is then interrupted by Starfire. Starfire asks if Raven wants to go to the mall, but Raven again shoots down her friend. Raven is interrupted one last time by Beast Boy and Cyborg who ask if Raven wants to play their new game "Stankball." Raven isn't even interested and shuts the door.

Raven finally begins to read her book again when it begins to speak to her. The book introduces itself as the Malchior, the main character of the book. Malchior explains that the dragon trapped him in the book almost 1,000 years ago. He's been in there ever since. But, Raven, being the sorceress she is, might be able to save him.

Raven and Malchior, still in his book, have a conversation all night. Raven finally has someone who understands her.

The next morning, Beast Boy appologizes to Raven through her door for bothering her yesterday. He hears Malchior's voice with Raven's inside and he instantly becomes suspicious. Raven dismisses the Titans, but Beast Boy isn't going to let his curiousity go.

Later, Raven attempts to free Malchior from the book. She has never heard of the spell, but the book said he read it from an old book. Since he is a novel himself, reading is all he does.

Raven performs the spell and frees Malchior partially. He, instead of becoming his old self, he is a human-formation of paper. Malchior still has to remain close to the book or else he begins to fall apart. The man doesn't mind, at least he's free from the book. To free him from the curse, Raven's magic would have to be stronger. Raven begs Malchior to teach her the spell to free him. Malchior happily agrees to teach her.

Malchior telpeports hundreds of books to Raven's room. He begins to teach her everything he knows to break the curse. Raven retains all the information very well and becomses a master wizard like Malchior.

A week later, Raven walks into the Titans Tower kitchen wearing a bright white costume instead of her dull purple one. Her friends are astonished to see Raven in such a good mood. Beast Boy asks why Raven hasn't left her room in a week, but Cyborg cuts him off. The rest show their appreciation for their friend finally leaving her room. Starfire says that she is excited to meet Malchior. Raven asks how Starfire knew his name, and Beast Boy spills the beans about how he was a literal fly on her wall. Suddenly, Robin gets a call. Trouble!

In the outskirts of the city, Kardiak is fully rebuilt and abducting a little girl. Robin orders the team to use hand-to-hand combat to avoiding hurting the girl. Raven arrives and shouts a new set of magic words. Magic begins to flow from her mouth and eyes as Kardiac is engulfed with the girl. Raven shouts that she can't stop! The little girl is about to be killed! Beast Boy tackles Raven and stops her magic flow while Robin rescues the little girl. Beast Boy angrily yells at Raven for being so clumsy and she runs away to the Tower.

In her room, Raven yells at Malchior, still in his paper-man form, for teacher her dark-magic spells. Malchior says the spells are "dark" more like "misunderstood" magic. Like Raven. Misunderstood. Raven begins to cry when Malchior says she is ready to free him from the curse.

Malchior prepares for he ceremony and Raven begins to chant a medley of magic words. The spell works and Malchior begins to transform. One of the pages flies out of he book. Malchior's name begins to move on the page from the hero wizard to the evil dragon. It is revealed that Malchior was pretending to be the wizard. Malchior is the dragon!

The spell is complete and the fully materialized Malchior dragon breaks the roof of Raven's room and flies out. The Titans arrive and chase the dragon. Raven lay on her floor, disappointed that Malchior fooled her.

When the Titans begin to lose to Malchior, Raven arrives and uses her old "Azarath Metrion Zinthos" spells. Raven is still no match for her mentor. Raven remembers one thing Malchior didn't teach her, the curse to put him back into the book. Raven speaks the magic words and Malchior the dragon is sucked back into the book. Raven falls to the ground and her cape re-colors intself back to her usual purple.

Later, Beast Boy has a heart-felt conversation with Raven, telling her that she's not alone. The two share a long hug. Then, Cyborg breaks the mood when he throws a "stankball" into Beast Boy's face. Raven picks up the ball of dirty clothes, laughs, and uses her powers to hurl it back at Cyborg. The story ends.

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