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In an animal containment facility, the Teen Titans are fighting a villain calling himself Adonis. The villain mocks Beast Boy, who can't seem to get the upper hand on Adonis. When he finally does get the upper hand, Beast Boy

Quote1 I'm not a man,...I'm an animal! Quote2
Beast Boy

The Beast Within is an episode of season 3 of Teen Titans. It premiered on October 30, 2004.

Synopsis for "The Beast Within"

In an animal containment facility, the Teen Titans are fighting a villain calling himself Adonis. The villain mocks Beast Boy, who can't seem to get the upper hand on Adonis. When he finally does get the upper hand, Beast Boy becomes a lot more aggressive and accidentally pushes Adonis into a container of acid. The acid gets on both Beast Boy and Adonis and the acid cripples the villain's robotic suit. Adonis crumples to the ground. Beast Boy angrily walks away, saying how he's tired of being pushed around.

In the morning, Beast Boy wakes up on the floor. He's surprised how comfortable the floor actually is. The hero walks downstairs to the kitchen where Robin is making breakfast. Beast Boy walks in and eats six eggs and an entire ham. Robin questions why Beast Boy just ate what he did, considering he's a vegetarian. Beast Boy says he's a new man now. He does what he wants. Beast Boy boldly walks out of the room while Robin gives him the evil eye.

Later, while watching television. Beast Boy is rude to Starfire, refusing to let her watch TV and telling her to get him another root beer. Starfire is frustrated at Beast Boy as well.

Even later, while playing video games, Beast Boy becomes frustrated at Cyborg and claws Cyborg's chest. Beast Boy rages out of the room.

In the hallway, Beast Boy bumps into Raven reading her book. Raven applogizes, and Beast Boy threatens her. He then prepares to hit her by becoming a Sasquatch but he is stopped by the other Titans. After a screaming match, Beast Boy quits the team and goes to pack up his things.

In his room, Beast Boy throws all his stuff on the ground and transforms in an actual beast. Raven, who was investigating the crashes from Beast Boy's room, is then attacked by the now furry, fanged monster Beast Boy has become. The rest of the Titans then come to investigate Raven's screaming to find that both she and Beast Boy are gone.

On the search for Raven, they find that Beast Boy and Raven have gone into the sewers. The three remaining Titans head into the sewers as well.

In the sewers, the three heores split up to find Raven. Cyborg soon finds Beast Boy's belt and Raven's communicator. They're down there all right. Suddenly, a gigantic green beast appears, holding Raven in his teeth. The three Titans attack and finally defeat the beast. The animal shrinks down to expose to the Titans that it was Beast Boy. The green hero rubs his head and asks what happenned.

In Titans Tower, Raven is strapped to a hospital bed and is revealed to be in a trance. Beast Boy is strapped to a chair by the arms and feet. He denies attacking Raven, but Robin assures Beast Boy that he did. Raven was in his teeth! Beast Boy breaks down and begs to know what's wrong with him. Cyborg goes over Beast Boy's DNA and predicts that, after all that shape-shifting, Beast Boy's DNA has just broken down too much.

Robin begins to interrogate Beast Boy, and, when the discussion gets too heated, Beast Boy transforms into the beast again.

Beast Boy and the Titans fight over Raven's body. Once the fight is over, the beast begins to flee. Robin orders Starfire to stay behind and protect Raven. He and Cyborg are going after Beast Boy.

In the city, Robin and Cyborg corner Beast Boy. The beast begins to scale the building as a means of escape, but Robin shoots him to get him down.

In Titans Tower, Raven wakes up. Starfire tells Raven to rest. Beast Boy won't hurt her anymore. Raven says that Beast Boy didn't hurt her. He saved her.

Back with the boys, Beast Boy is again cornered by Robin and Cyborg. Then, a brown monster that looks identical to Beast Boy other than color attacks Cyborg. Beast Boy begins to defend his friends from the brown beast and the two monsters get in a fist fight.

After a long fight, Beast Boy wins and transforms back into himself. He collapses onto the ground and the brown beast transforms as well to reveal him as Adonis.

That night, at Titans Tower, Beast Boy sits on the beach of the island. Raven tells Beast Boy that Adonis was the one who attacked her in the tower. Beast Boy went after to save her. Beast Boy got her back and put her in his teeth for protection when the Titans found them. Raven says that the antidote that Cyborg gave Beast Boy will stop any random changes from now on. The green hero appologizes for the mood swings; he wasn't himself. He and Raven share a moment together, and Beast Boy suggests they should call him "Beast Man" from now on. The story ends.

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