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The story begins with Mumbo, in his civilian form, on stage. Mumbo is happily composing classical music with the band on stage.

Quote1 Rubbish! That music is ruddy awful! So quiet and proper! Let's pump up the volume and blow 'em out of their seats! Quote2
Punk Rocket

The Lost Episode is an episode of season 1 of Teen Titans.

Synopsis for "The Lost Episode"

The story begins with Mumbo, in his civilian form, on stage. Mumbo is happily composing classical music with the band on stage.

Composer Mumbo

Mumbo's Cameo

The audience, including old Neil Richards, is in awe.

In the rafters, a teenage villain known as Punk Rocket complains about how awful and proper the music is. He drops on stage and begins to play his guitar. The guitar shoots sound waves at the musicians and the audience, literally blowing them away. The villain has completely just crashed the show!

In Titans Tower. Robin and Cyborg are playing video games. Starfire is cooking an odd dish from her home planet. Raven is busy reading her book. Beast Boy then walks in, carrying a boom box on his shoulder.

Beast Boy, wanting to "rock the whole house," plugs his already very loud boom box into the main power unit. The boom box makes the entire tower to lose power, angering the rest of the Titans.

The back-up generator kicks in and the lights turn back on. The four Titans are yelling at Beast Boy, but he can't hear them because of the ear wax in his ears. He pulls out the wax and the heroes yell at Beast Boy. Suddenly, the alarm sounds and all the Titans rush off.

Back at the theater, Punk Rocket is still terrorizing the civilians with his sound waves.

Once all of the audience is gone, the Titans arrive. Punk Rocket introduces himself and then blast the Titans into the wall. The Titans try to attack Punk Rocket but can't get close enough to actually hit him. Robin finally gets close enough but is underestimates his foe. Robin is defeated by Punk Rocket who is surprisingly adept in hand-to-hand combat.

The Titans regroup in the audience and discuss their plan. Robin says they have to get his guitar; it's the source of his power. Beast Boy, at first not able to hear it because of his ear wax, turns into an elephant and charges Punk Rocket.

Beast Boy is blown back and the girls try to attack this time. Punk Rocket flies around the room on his guitar and evades all of their attacks. He then jumps off and blows them back again.

The Titans, again, regroup and discuss a new plot to get the guitar. Robin commands that they work as a team.

Punk Rocket interrupts their conversation to expose multiple amps behind the curtain that are all connected to his guitar. Rocket turns his guitar up to 4 and the Titans watch in fear.

Rocket begins playing and the Titans fly back into the wall. Cyborg attempts to charge the villain again, but the intense sound breaks his system. Cyborg falls to the ground, almost broken.

Beast Boy then gets an idea. He approaches Punk Rocket and mocks his music. Rocket turns his guitar up to 7 and continues to play. Robin, Cyborg, Raven, and Starfire crumble to the ground, begging him to stop. Beast Boy continues to mock the music until Punk Rocket turns his guitar all the way up to 10. Rocket strums and the amps all explode from an overload.

As the amps explode, Punk Rocket attempts to play his guitar again, but it is broken as well. The Titans charge at Rocket one last time. The Titans tie up Punk Rocket in his own wires and they take him away.

In Titans Tower, the Titans are all doing what they were doing in the beginning of the story. Beast Boy returns with his boom box and says that he is allowed to play his music as loud as he wants. The Titans don't respond and Beast Boy walks out. Robin, Cyborg, Raven, and Starfire then take out their ear plugs and ask if Beast Boy just came in. The story ends.

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  • Beast Boy's Boom Box
  • Punk Rocket's Guitar
  • Birdarangs



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  • This episode was exclusively shown on the website "Postopia.com" and was never shown on television.

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