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In Steel City, Brother Blood looks on and discusses his plans for a new H.I.V.E. Academy. This time, they will destroy the person who destroyed the academy last time: [[Victor Stone (Teen Titans TV Series)|Cyb

Quote1 Robin, I am home. I've decided to stay permanently as leader of Titans East. Sorry, man. They need me more. Quote2

Titans East, Part I is an episode of season 3 of Teen Titans. It premiered on January 15, 2005.

Synopsis for "Titans East (Part I)"

In Steel City, Brother Blood looks on and discusses his plans for a new H.I.V.E. Academy. This time, they will destroy the person who destroyed the academy last time: Cyborg.

In Titans Tower, Robin, Beast Boy, Starfire, and Raven talk to Cyborg over the computer screen. He is driving cross country to help Bumblebee, Aqualad, and Speedy assemble Titans East in Steel City. The team back home wish Cyborg the best of luck and the robotic hero continues to drive the T-Car.

Cyborg arrives at the poorly constructed Titans Tower East. Cyborg walks in and immediately finds Aqualad and Speedy having a screaming match about the fish tacos Speedy bought. The new twin heroes Mas y Menos are joking around. Bumblebee is attempting to get her team to work, but they are being rebellious.

Cyborg enters the room and the yelling immediately stops. Aqualad tells reintroduces everyone and they begin to work.

After making great progress, Mas y Menos drop a bucket of paint on Speedy who then accidentally fires his nail gun. The nails then hit a giant tube of water and the tower floods. Their progress is undone and Titans East begins to fight again. Cyborg interrupts the fighting to say that there is trouble nearby. The Titans move out.

At the location of the crime, Titans East and Cyborg find Steamroller. Titans East begin to get in each others way and end up causing Cyborg to be pinned by the villain. Steamroller extends a chord and begins to absorb information from Cyborg's back. The robotic hero blasts Steamroller off. While the villain is down, Cyborg tells the Titans a new plan and they ten begin to work as a team. The Titans defeat Steamroller, working together.

Somewhere else in Steel City, Brother Blood thanks Steamroller for downloading the code for the security system to Titans Tower East. He then says his plans are to take over the tower and make it his new school. He orders his army of cloaked villains to move out. Their siege begins now.

Back at Titans Tower East, the Titans are finally working as a team. The tower is making terrific progress. Not much later, the Tower is finally done and it looks great!

Just as the Titans are celebrating, Cyborg gets a call from Robin. Robin says that, now that Cyborg is done over in Steel City, he can come back and help them fight Professor Chang. Cyborg is disappointed and hangs up on Robin.

In the garage, Cyborg is about to get in the T-Car when Titans East stops him. They say they need Cyborg, too. They offer him the position of leader of Titans East. Cyborg doesn't know what to say. Before he gives an answer, the tower locks down and Brother Blood's hooded henchmen attack.

Titans East is doing a great job beating the henchmen, but, suddenly, one of the henchmen shoots a laser similar to Cyborg's. Bumblebee, curious about her attackers, rips off one of their robes to expose them to be Cyborg look-alikes. These look-alikes, however, are all robot. The Titans flee from their attackers.

In a cross-way. Cyborg tells them that they need to stick together, but, when the horde of Cyclones arrive, Titans East flee in opposite directions, leaving Cyborg to fight them himself.

Cyborg manages to make it to the main hall and beat all of the Cyclones that are following him. Suddenly, Brother Blood exposes himself. Blood descends from the rafters and begins to fight Cyborg one-on-one. Blood gets the upperhand, but Cyborg continues to fight. When Brother Blood, beats Cyborg to the floor, Cyborg blasts Blood across the room. The bruised hero then resets the security system and the tower recognizes Blood as an intruder. The security system blasts Blood out of the tower, and Cyborg falls to the floor and shuts off.

Later, Cyborg is recharged by Titans East. Robin calls and asks why Cyborg is still there. Cyborg tells Robin that he's done a lot of thinking and that he's going to stay with Titans East as their leader. Cyborg says goodbye and hangs up on Robin. Cyborg leaves the room.

Aqualad pulls out a H.I.V.E. communicator and informs Brother Blood that Cyborg isn't suspicious at all. All of Titans East's eyes then turn red, showing that they have all been hypnotized.

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  • In the beginning of the episode, Cyborg sings his own version of the Teen Titans theme song.

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